Sound Advice

Penthouse puts its ears to the test with new speaker options. We test high-end sound options from the backpack to the bedroom.


DESIGNED with the Australian climate in mind, Yamaha's NS-AW992 speakers are a sound choice for outdoor placement. UV-resistant speaker cabinets, gold-plated terminals and powder-coated aluminium grills ensure durability and water resistance, with Yamaha's reputation for pristine sound quality. Playback is clear, even at high frequencies. The front baffle disperses a wide-breadth soundscape, further complemented by the precise sound imaging afforded by the woofer and tweeter placement. Dual speakers can be mounted horizontally, vertically or back to back, and the rubber feet allow placement inside on bookshelves or desktops.

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Genelec G One RRP: $899
(per speaker)

THE pristine aural prowess of these audio-pumpers is as close as to studio-quality sound you can get without spending thousands. Active-sound (self-powered) technology equates to the ultimate in flexibility for connecting as many of these speakers as your budget allows to any device you see fit. Connect to a computer or MP3 player, complement your existing home-theatre set-up or build one from scratch with these ear-pleasers. Design considerations limit vibrations at lower audio ranges which make the speakers capable of producing high-quality sound across the aural spectrum, whether whisper quiet or blaring.

Also consider: Samsung HT-F9750W


IGNORE the handle that implies mobile use and the Logitech UE Boombox is a great speaker choice for the bedroom, or any room in your home. While it can be transported and even used in outdoor environments, the Boombox’s impressive sound output is complemented in smaller spaces. The front-mounted speaker does most of the work while the rear subwoofer adds bass depth to the enclosed design. The internal battery provides six hours before you need to recharge, while older devices without Bluetooth connectivity can be connected by traditional 3.6mm audio input, meaning you can play music from any music-playing gadget.

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NOT much bigger than the palm of your hand, the GiG is designed to neatly slot into your backpack or briefcase. Klipsch’s audio emphasis is on recreating the live-music experience, and you may be surprised by the full-bodied sound this single-speaker pumps out alongside strong bass. The GiG plays tunes for around 12 hours before the internal battery needs a recharge via the micro-USB charging point (the same port that can connect music-playing devices), although Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to playback music from smartphones and tablets. The GiG doubles as a speakerphone, making it a fantastic all-in-one media playback device.

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