Artist Nufseee


For some, sex is just sport and lust, for me it's something more.  It's a fascinating beautiful game of emotions and pleasures


Nufseee is a Russian artist who creates sexually-charged erotic art and NFTs using digital painting, watercolour, acrylics and oils.



How did you become an artist? 

I have loved drawing since childhood.  I remember how in kindergarten they already approached me with a request to draw something.  Then, during school time, I entered art school and continued to draw until high school began, where I had to prepare for exams and think about my future profession.  At the age of 14-15, I already worked part-time in portraits.  I remember I was the youngest artist in my small town who decided to take commissions for portraits.  But the very first painting I sold to my parents' friends - was a Venice landscape painted in oil.  I had a lot of free time as a child, so I painted every day and independently studied the most interesting part for me - drawing people.  I had a long break, about 3-4 years, because I chose another profession by mistake.  I was told that artists live in poverty and nothing good awaits them.  And I broke down. In the 1st year of the university (chemist-technologist) I realised my mistake and returned to drawing again.  I drew on canvases and painted on clothes.  I managed to take part in an exhibition in the city of Krasnodar 2 times, in time my paintings began to be sold again.  A year later, I gave up again, I thought that my work was terrible and I couldn’t do anything myself, I had deep mental experiences and stopped drawing, I tried to find myself in something else.  And I dropped out of university.  After another two years of tossing, I came back to this again, with a new look and idea.  I worked a lot with a psychologist and now I am again confident in what I am doing.

What draws you to creating erotic images? 

I see in this a certain power of feelings and emotions, a natural aesthetics that many people are shy about.


Where does your inspiration come from? Does it ever come from your personal life? 

I get my inspiration from people and observations of this world.  I am a visual person.  Anything that seems beautiful inspires me.  But as strange as it sounds, I am often inspired by myself.  I just feel this world differently.  So is sex.  For some, sex is just sport and lust, for me it's something more.  It's a fascinating beautiful game of emotions and pleasures.

What mediums do you tend to use? 

I am currently painting in digital.  But I like to paint with watercolors, acrylics and oils.


What’s the process for creating your pieces? 

Usually I have an idea in my head and I look for suitable references, which I sketch and rework to fit my idea.  Or I can see a photo inspiring me, which I redo as I see.

Who would you say are your biggest artistic influences? 

I try not to be someone's fan.  I take a little bit of inspiration from any artist, I try to take something useful from everyone. 

What's your relationship as an artist using Instagram like? 

Not the best.  Now I'm trying to do more censorship because Instagram blocks my most explicit and hottest pictures.



Do you ever struggle with censorship? 

I realised that it was useless and I try not to take risks now, because I heard many stories of how Instagram deletes accounts like mine after a while.

What do you personally find sexy? 

The sexiest thing is to be natural.  To experience real feelings and emotions.

Tell us something interesting about you or something that we might not expect. 

Sometimes I paint myself.  When I understand that I cannot find suitable references.  And I have done it very often before.  I also study porn looking for beautiful compositions.



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