'Are You Available?' Podcast With Lana Jade
Interviews|Jul 8, 2021

'Are You Available?' Podcast With Lana Jade

Are You Available? is a new podcast hosted by Australian sex worker Lana Jade.
Amie Wee

Are You Available? is a new podcast hosted by Australian sex worker Lana Jade, which Lana says she created to encourage more open and honest conversations about sex, sex work and relationships, while giving an inside look at the Australian adult industry.

From dispelling myths and assumptions about sex work, to dating and relationship advice, Lana invites everyone to join her as she answers audience questions and explores sex and the sex industry from all angles, drawing on her own personal experiences.


What inspired you to create a podcast?

I created Are you Available? as a vehicle to create discussions around sex, intimacy, relationships and the facets of the adult industry that are sometimes overlooked or misunderstood.

Though the podcast is told from my perspective and experience, I hope it creates discussion that paves the way for better understanding of the Australian adult industry, while creating an environment for people to express their opinions and also see the industry in a new light. 

Who should listen to Are You Available?

Are You Available? is for any adults who want to grow their perspectives around sex, and welcome sexual freedom into their lives by being exposed to a wider range of experiences. So often we are made to feel shame or guilt around sex and desire, and I feel this has caused a disconnection from our own sexuality. Are You Available? aims to reconnect people with their own eroticism by understanding how diverse sexuality can be,  normalising sex and providing education on why it's so beneficial to acknowledge our sexual desires, impulse, and needs.

How has your career in the adult industry led you to creating this podcast? 

Honestly, in so many ways. The industry has helped me grow as a person and understand sex, relationship's and human behaviour better. While these are sometimes ugly realisations, it's helped me to be able to see things through a different lens of understanding. When I think about it in hindsight, my own views and opinions were very narrow-minded, and being able to reflect on that and how the industry has given me such a diverse set of experiences has made me want to share that with people. Also, through the industry, I realised that I have a deep passion for connection and being part of peoples intimate experiences. I realised that I don't need to be seeing people in a physical sense to connect with them and increase their satisfaction around sexuality and intimacy, which has led me to me a career in counselling and erotic education. This podcast is was a means of aligning my career transition.

What topics have you covered so far?  

So far the topics have been centred around the adult industry. Specifically, the assumptions placed on the industry and where these views have come from. A lot of our biases develop in a seemingly unconscious fashion, and my theory is if people are offered an explanation of why they have these views, it might allow them the opportunity to look at things with a new set of eyes and develop a deeper understanding that perhaps their own fears and insecurities are sometimes a projection manifesting in negative views of others careers, and behaviours.

So often we are made to feel shame or guilt around sex and desire, and this has caused a disconnection from our own sexuality

What are some of the topics you plan on talking about in future episodes? 

​Lots more about sex, sex work and human connection. The first season of Are You Available? will be predominantly focused on the sex industry, including sex, clients, needs and other more controversial topics, like drug dependency, leaving the industry and the toxic nature of collusion within the industry. I decided to focus on the industry this season so listeners had an understanding on how my own views have been shaped, and why I felt it so necessary to move on from the industry in this particular way. I also have guest episodes lined up which I'm incredibly excited to share. The second season will move more towards sex and relationships beyond the sex industry.

Do you think storytelling can play a role to help reduce the stigma of sex work or provide support for people working in the adult industry? 

I hope so. Years ago I used to write a blog where I spoke about my experiences in the adult industry, and I know that definitely impacted people positively and made them question their own views. I think the more opportunities there are to rewire peoples general perception of sex workers and see them for all that they are: people, the more opportunities there are to reduce stigma and provide support.

In episode two, you unpack some assumptions about the Australian adult industry. In your opinion, what are the most common misconceptions about sex work that you're sick of hearing?

There are too many! I guess the biggest one is that sex work is seen as a last resort career; that it's all we are good for because we couldn't succeed in anything else so had to resort to sex work. I could rant about this point forever because it's so perplexing that people can't understand that so many of us do sex work because we want to! It's mindblowing that there is this assumption that becoming a sex workers devoids a person of intelligence, skills or drive to embark on another career. The adult industry doesn't hand you money as soon as you decide you want in. The hard work and business acumen needed to make it in the industry is incredible. 

You say in the podcast that the adult industry has been beneficial for the rest of your life. What does that mean for you? 

Working in the adult industry has changed my life in every way. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. It has helped me develop confidence, self worth, financial literacy, as well as finances. It gave me the opportunity to really be myself, while belonging to a community of strong, independent people. Working in the industry has helped me develop my skills and find what I'm passionante about. On top of that, I have met the most incredible people and friends.

Listen to Are You Available? here.