Business Has Never Been Better For This Bikini Brand
Lifestyle|Feb 18, 2021

Business Has Never Been Better For This Bikini Brand

Frankii Swim Founder Rebecca Klodinsky Shows Fortune Favours The Brave In Business.
Penthouse Staff

Taking a financial gamble during a global economic downturn may not be the type of advice any business analyst would be handing out right now. But one Sydney entrepreneur has swum against the tide and seen a 328 percent increase in sales in the process.

Rebecca Klodinsky started Frankii Swim back in 2013 after growing increasingly frustrated with the amount of affordable swimwear available to Aussie women. What started out as a bit of a passion project quickly gained traction and sales went through the roof.

But, as with many businesses in 2020, the coronavirus threw a spanner in the works, forcing Klodinsky to reconsider how she appealed to her client base.  Customers were heading to her Frankii Swim site, but most only browsed, rarely converting into paying clients.  

Most businesses (like Seafolly, which went into voluntary receivership) would flounder under such conditions, but Klodinsky decided to rebrand the company under the name IIXXIIST and threw a bit of shrewd customer-love into the mix. She offered a 50 percent reduction across her range for up to five days, for both new and existing customers, with the half-price offer proving another landmark in her short but successful story. 

This move increased sales by 328 percent, with endorsements coming from the likes of Rihanna, Nadia Bartel and Kim Kardashian herself, without so much as a dollar going in the other direction. High praise, indeed.

But Klodinsky does have a bit of advice for any other entrepreneur who may want to throw caution to the wind in these difficult times: “In this climate, I would say don’t do it – hold on!”.