Change Up Your Watch Straps To Suit The Occasion
Style|Sep 9, 2021

Change Up Your Watch Straps To Suit The Occasion

IWC Has Come Up With A Clever Way To Switch Up Your Watch Straps By Yourself.
Penthouse Staff

IWC is one of America’s most celebrated watchmakers: a company that has constantly been looking for innovative ways to tell time since the 1800s. Now IWC has come up with a clever way to change between steel and rubber watch straps all by yourself.

Previously this type of task was strictly reserved for the professionals who had the intricate tools needed to tamper with a high-end watch. But this design could well and truly put an end to that.  

IWC’s patented creation allows for a quick and simple release of your metal watch strap, allowing you to replace it in seconds. This means that if you’re out and about and face are more arduous physical task, you can simply change the strap and have the peace of mind that your watch is protected. 

To release, all you have to do is press a lever on the underside of the bracelet with your thumb and push upwards. And there you go, job is done. You simply then just click your alternative bracelet into place. 

This ingenious idea may just be the type of thing the watchmaking world needed. It will now allow wearers to change straps to suit a particular ensemble and allow them to be that little more playful with colours. For the time being, however, you will have to get your hands on a compatible IWC piece to take advantage of their new idea!

The patented IWC bracelet quick-change system for the Aquatimer collection makes changing from a steel bracelet to a rubber strap or vice versa quick and simple. The bracelet is pushed into the locking bar from the top and engages audibly. To release, press the lever on the underside of the bracelet outwards with your thumb and push the bracelet upwards.

We took the big pilot with leather strap for a burn and found the quick change system effortless and impressive.