Charles + Lee Are Changing The Game For Men's Skincare
Lifestyle|Apr 26, 2021

Charles + Lee Are Changing The Game For Men's Skincare

Scrub Up With These Daily Essentials For The Modern Man.
Penthouse Staff

Since the steady boom in men’s beauty products over the past 15 years, many producers have followed a similar line to their female counterparts. This means focussing on ingredients and the ethics of production, as well as the benefits. 

The thing is, this doesn’t always wash well with your everyday bloke, which is why two Melburnians decided to do something about it.

The Charles + Lee idea was first toyed with in a Finders Lane bar, where the two mates discussed how they were fed up with niche brands regurgitating women’s ranges and repackaging them for men – at eyewatering prices.    

So they set out to make something as good, if not better, than their competitors, using natural and organic ingredients – without the cosmetic sales patter. 

Move forward to today and Charles + Lee have a comprehensive range of daily essentials that tick all the boxes for the modern-day man, at much more affordable prices.

From shaving gels and pre-shave oils, to face scrubs and moisturisers, they have all the essentials to keep you looking young and fresh without having to pay more than 30 bucks per product!

Moreover, their essentials range is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. So, it's easy to see why so many Australian men are replacing their overpriced beauty products with a Charles + Lee selection.

One of the C+L best sellers is the daily Face Wash and they sum up their own product, and ethos, perfectly when they say - “This face wash does not contain supernatural algae from the depths of the arctic sea, nor was it filtered through the pockets of a double-breasted suit. However, it is a damn good Face Wash.” 

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