Comfortably Reach New Heights With Height-Boosting Sneakers
Style|Apr 28, 2022

Comfortably Reach New Heights With Height-Boosting Sneakers

Platform Shoes Are Back, And They're Music To The Ears Of Those Seeking A Vertical Boost.
Penthouse Staff

In the late 70s and early 80s, when Ska and Skinhead culture was wrestling with the aftermath of punk and the dawn of New Romantics, pretty much anything was game in the UK fashion landscape, especially in and around London.

It’s around these times when we first started to see men stepping out in shoes with thicker soles (hey, if the girls can do it, why not the boys, right?). Dr Martens T.U.K were early innovators of these styles, which would go on to be popular for those with a gothic, new age traveller or raving disposition. Which was basically everyone at one time or another in the 90s!

It now seems that the design has come full circle again. The boots and suede shoes that Dr M and T.U.K created are now back in our major stores. And alongside them are a whole other world of new and delightful platform shoes, which will be music to the ears of those looking for a vertical boost!

Converse and SWEAR are also creating chunky sneakers for both men and women, and you can even get your feet on platformed thongs (Off-White)! The fact that so many brands are starting to jump on board with this type of design shows a rise in popularity. Such shoes are also seen by many as a statement of intent and confidence in who you are and what you wear. Not giving a shit and just rocking what you wanna rock.