Death Of The Nostalgic Australian Rubber Thong
Style|Jan 28, 2021

Death Of The Nostalgic Australian Rubber Thong

Some Will Call It Sacrilege, We Just Call It Good Taste. Time's Up For Thongs.
Penthouse Staff

For far too long the rubber thong has been an overused staple of the Aussie man’s summer wardrobe. But, with time comes connotations, and one can’t help but associate this floppy piece of footwear with lazy days at home and beer-guzzling bogans rather than a well-thought-out ensemble.

So, it’s time to invest in something a little more current. Something that will keep the wind running through your toes without sacrificing on style. In layman’s terms – it’s time to get yourself a pair of sandals. 

The sandal market has really come into its own in the recent past, managing to brush off years of stereotypes associated with bearded 70s hippies and Silicon Valley CEOs. The main reasons for this are bigger demands for comfort, longevity and something that can be worn with anything other than a pair of boardies and a singlet. 

Some of the biggest names in the business are throwing out superb designs made from the finest leathers, with soles that can withstand anything from a day sauntering around at home, to a soiree at the beach or a step about town. 

They quite literally go with anything in your wardrobe, from shirts and cardigans to roomy slacks and trousers. 

With many of us turning to more ethically made, sustainable clothing, this little investment could be one of the best and most comfortable you make this summer, while ridding the world once and for all of uncomfortable, easily broken rubber thongs.