How Sotheby's CEO Became The King Of Menswear
Style|Feb 11, 2021

How Sotheby's CEO Became The King Of Menswear

Alexander Kraft Proves Once Again That High Standards Will Never Go Out Of Style.
Penthouse Staff

It takes a certain type of person to be the CEO of Sotheby’s Europe for over 30 years. An individual who knows the value of all things luxury. Berliner Alexander Kraft is that very individual, a man who just may be the most dapper chap on Instagram.

On Kraft’s journey, studying law in the UK, US and Germany, Kraft has managed to develop a timeless style that has become the go-to example of the classy modern man. 

The proof is all on his Instagram account, where the now Monaco resident regularly posts snaps of himself in all his grandeur at locations reserved exclusively for those who have a bit of money to throw around. 

He’s even produced his own collection of impeccably tailored garments under the name Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo, a range of timeless pieces that ooze class and style. From camel hair polo overcoats to stately tweed trousers, it’s made for those who hold only the highest standards.