Introducing Kelly Slater's Sustainable Clothing Brand 'Outerknown'
Style|May 3, 2022

Introducing Kelly Slater's Sustainable Clothing Brand 'Outerknown'

Slater Has Plenty Of Fingers In Plenty Of Pies, Including His Ever-Popular Clothing Brand.
Penthouse Staff

Many legends of sport seem happy to just sit back on a stack of cash smoking cigars and sipping whiskey, watching their personal brand add another zero to their profit margin. And why wouldn’t they, after all? Stars like Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather and David Beckham worked so hard to get to and stay at the top that we mere mortals can only nod and thank them for the memories. 

Not Kelly Slater!

Surfing’s Greatest Of All Time isn’t happy just sitting on 11 World Titles, creating an artificial wave that landed a place on the World Tour, or, winning at Pipeline just two weeks before his 50th birthday. No. Slater has plenty of fingers and plenty pies to keep him busy, including his ever-popular sustainable clothing brand - Outerknown.

In 2015, the year before he stepped off the World Surf Tour (now the WSL) in a full-time capacity, Slater and creative director/friend, John Moore set up Outerknown. The aim was pretty simple. To create a sustainable and ethical clothing brand that didn’t compromise on style. 

Seven years in, and still a bit of a loner in the surfing world, at least, Outerknown has really started to gain momentum and turn heads. 


The main ingredient for success seems to have been the challenge, much like everything else in Slater’s career. He wanted to know why those around him, including his own sponsors at the time, couldn’t be more mindful of how they sourced and made their products. So for years he researched ways to obtain materials, put them together and distribute them whilst reducing the overall effect on the planet and its people. 

But what do they produce these days? 

Well, they have both a men’s and women’s range with everything from shirts and jeans to jumpsuits and boardies. In fact, their boardies are definitely worth shouting about. They are made from recycled polyester and spandex, and dry within minutes of jumping out of the water. Slater uses the Apex Trunks, which he designed himself, when out on some of the world’s best waves.

If you’re after a bit of loungewear after a tough day at the office or a long surf, Outerknown also has a nice range of tees and shorts that allow you to just kick back in total comfort, all at a reasonable price. 

What’s even more encouraging to see is Outerknown working with other major brands to spread the gospel of sustainability. They have collaborated alongside the likes of watchmaker Breitling (Superocean Automatic), and sell Veja sneakers and Otis eyewear through their own site. 

Slater might still be winning on the waves at 50, but Outerknown is certainly set to hold a similar type of respect and longevity as its creator. And long may that continue. 

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