Keeping It Up With Award-Winning Aussie Pornstars
Sex|Aug 10, 2021

Keeping It Up With Award-Winning Aussie Pornstars

Even Male Pornstars Struggle To Get It Up Sometimes Too.
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At some point in every man’s life, he has wondered what it would be like to be a male pornstar. Who can blame him? After all, male pornstars are the gods that walk (and shag) amongst us. Male pornstars can get rock hard on cue; they get paid to have adventurous sex with wild women; they have more stamina than the Energiser Bunny, and they laugh in the face of a refractory period. Or so one would assume…

The reality is that much like mere male mortals, men in porn also sometimes experience sexual issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Penthouse spoke to award-winning Australian porn performers, internationally renowed adult entertainer Isabelle Deltore and Jake Ryan, who has a reputation in the industry for his “100% strike rate”, to find out whether pornstars ever experience performance anxiety, the impact a healthy lifestyle and good mental health can have on sexual stamina, and to get some advice for men who might be struggling with their own sexual stamina or performance.


What is erectile dysfunction?

If you ever have difficulties getting it up or keeping an erection rigid enough for sex, this is called erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction isn’t a disease and can affect men of all ages.

Mosh, a men’s online health platform discreetly helping Australian men with erectile dysfunction and other men’s health issues, says that it is estimated that up to 150 million men worldwide suffer from ED and this figure is likely to double by the year 2025. Mosh says that complaints of erectile dysfunction in younger men is on the rise, with one in four new ED patients now under the age of 40.


Internationally renowned adult entertainer Isabelle Deltore

Internationally renowned adult entertainer Isabelle Deltore


Even male pornstars struggle to get it up sometimes

Male pornstars sometime struggle with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation too.

Isabelle says, “I don’t think people realise that male porn performers sometimes struggle to get it up too. There is a huge amount of pressure on male pornstars, and that sometimes the pressure to perform and orgasm on demand can be a contributing factor to performance issues on set. We’re all human. They aren’t machines! And there are a lot of reasons why a guy might experience erectile dysfunction on set. For example, I’ve come across performers who have issues with getting hard simply because they are well endowed and as a result, can’t stay hard for very long.”

At the start of Jake’s career, he had a few issues with performance anxiety himself.

“I know from my experience that when I’ve experienced ED (erectile dysfunction), it was in the beginning of my career. I wanted every experience to go perfectly and I didn’t want my scene partner to think I wasn’t up for it. I think the difference in my performance from when I first started porn compared to now just comes down to experience. With that being said, there have been occasions where I’m not as hard as usual on set, because you can’t be raging hard for five hours – that’s unrealistic, even for pornstars!”

Isabelle adds, “Male porn performers have a pretty tricky job compared to their female counterparts. Think about it - we don’t have anything that shows that we aren’t turned on or into the scene. Not that I’ve ever not been into who I’m filming with! We don’t have any external factors that can show that we aren’t turned on. Whereas if a guy’s not hard… you can’t hide that.”

In the nicest possible way, male porn performers are freaks of nature. Regular Joe’s don’t go for 8 hours, and if you do, kudos to you mate, you’re one of the few!

A healthy lifestyle may improve sexual stamina

Often the cause of erectile dysfunction can be directed linked to a guy’s lifestyle choices. Poor diet, smoking, excessive drinking, stress, relationship issues, a sedentary lifestyle and poor mental health are risk factors that can make it more difficult for men to gain or keep an erection.

Jake says, “As much as guys out there feel like there might be a secret to pornstar stamina, the reality is that it comes down to your lifestyle and how you look after yourself. It’s like a car – if you flood the engine by filling it with the wrong fuel (your diet for example), the car is simply not going to perform the way you want it to. If I sway off track on my diet, or I stop working out – I rock up to set and I’m tired.  The fact is, my body reflects my choices and I can’t perform to my full potential. You need to get the basics right first to make sure you give your body the best chance. The saying goes, “your body is your temple” and I truly live by that.”

Isabelle also believes that a healthy lifestyle plays a massive role in a man’s sexual performance.

“The male porn performers who are at the top really look after themselves – physically and mentally. They’re healthy, they’re fit and they have developed some good practices mentally to keep themselves focussed on the job at hand. The porn industry in Australia is a very competitive industry so you have to be at the top of your game,” Isabelle says.

“If you’re a guy who drinks a lot or takes other party condiments on the regular, this will also affect your performance as well. Whenever I come across a guy who’s getting on the disco powder, I’m like, you’re not for me, mate. Because nine times out of ten, they have performance issues because of that.”


Mental health can play a huge role in erectile dysfunction

Interestingly, anxiety is one of the most common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Mental health, depression and stress, can all have real, physical effects on the body, which can in turn affect sexual function.

Isabelle says, “Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of reasons, but I would say that 99% of the time it’s mind over matter. The pressure to perform can become a never-ending spiral of anxiety that gets worse and worse because a guy feels he isn’t performing at his peak, and then he has sex and he isn’t happy with his performance and his anxiety compounds.”

On shoot days, Jake says his best performances happen when he steps on set with a “happy and clear head.”

“In my younger years, I suffered with mental health issues, so I know first-hand that if you’re not happy or your mind is distracted by other things, it can take over and block you getting to that point of a full erection. If I walk onto set and I’m stressed out or something is troubling me, it’s going to hinder my performance. I’ve been performing in porn for over six years now, so I am able to manage it better these days. I just try my best to live a drama-free life, that way I’m bang on form when I’m required to perform.”


Award-winning Australian Pornstar Jake Ryan

Award-winning Australian Pornstar Jake Ryan


Even male pornstars have their own tricks for lasting longer

Jake attributes his staying power to thinking of the most unerotic things he can imagine during a shoot. “It works! I mean, come on, imagine you’re having sex with an unbelievably hot girl like Isabelle Deltore – it’s going to be impossible not to want to cum. But it’s about having some self-control, not rushing in and thinking of the bigger picture – that you’re there to shoot a hot porn scene. And sometimes the only thing that works is imagining the unsexiest thing you can…”

In Isabelle’s experience, taking a break from shooting is always encouraged. “Sometimes it pays to just stop the scene and take a break. These guys aren’t robots or machines. Usually during a scene if a guy is on the edge, he will just back off and say he needs a second to calm down and cool his heels – and that’s okay! You only get one chance at the pop shot.”

But some male pornstars have more unique tricks for lasting longer, Isabelle says…

“Every male porn performer has their own little things they do to not cum. One of the quirkier tricks was a guy who told me he has to curl his toes tightly until they cramp so he doesn’t cum too soon!”


Don’t try to measure up to the stamina of a male porn performer

Pornstars do that job because they are the best in their field. Using porn as a play book and mirroring what you see on screen could be a huge mistake, Jake says.

“Remember that porn exists to cater for a specific audience or a niche. She might want it sensual and slow. Trust me, girls love it when a guy takes his time to pleasure them and work out what does it for them. Some porn scenes are hardcore as hell – so chill! It’s not always about that.”

On the flipside, Isabelle says, “Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting porn and I love shooting with the guys I have shot with – they’re amazing, but they are the exception to the rule. There’s a reason why they do that job. In the nicest possible way, male porn performers are freaks of nature. They aren’t regular Joe Citizens. Regular Joe’s don’t go for 8 hours, and if you do, kudos to you mate, you’re one of the few!”

“Plus, not every woman wants 8 hours worth of sex. I’m wired differently so I would thoroughly enjoy that, but for some women, that’s their very definition of hell. It’s a personal preference, but it’s not for everyone!”


Internationally renowned adult entertainer Isabelle Deltore

Internationally renowned adult entertainer Isabelle Deltore


Erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common problems of men’s sexual health, and most men struggle to get an erection at some point in their life, yet an overwhelming number of men feel guilt and shame when it comes to experiencing or even discussing it.

“There’s a lot of shame surrounding erectile dysfunction,” Isabelle says. “I think some men think that if they can’t perform, it’s an attack on their masculinity and makes them less of a man, which is obviously not the case. But we don’t have the same sort of shame around women who can’t orgasm. Those aren’t conversations that are really had. Once again, women can fake it. But guys can’t fake it. It’s out there, you can’t hide it.”

Isabelle says that whenever ED happens on set, she never takes it personally. “I understand that erectile dysfunction can be caused by a vast array of reasons. I just try to make the scene as easy and relaxed as possible for whoever I’m working with. If I’m having a great time and I’m really into it, that can sometimes ease the pressure of my male counterparts."

Jake agrees that erectile dysfunction is nothing to be embarrassed of. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy standing on a big stage or you’re a quiet humble guy, all men have their pride at stake when it comes to women and sex. If someone is experiencing ED, it can understandably knock their confidence. I’d like to remind men that ED isn’t the end of the world, and anyone who makes you feel bad about it aren’t the type of people you want in your life anyway.”


We love a happy ending

When asked who Isabelle Deltore would shoot with given the chance, she said, “I am frothing at the bit to shoot with Jake Ryan. I think he’s wired differently just like me I think we would shoot a pretty hectic scene. We haven’t shot together yet and we are quite good friends. And I’ve been told that that man has a 100% strike rate. I really want to test that theory and take that car for a drive. This needs to happen!”

We couldn’t agree more.



Things not looking up? Something else going on?

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