Man Up: Men’s Health Week Is Here
Lifestyle|Jun 7, 2019

Man Up: Men’s Health Week Is Here

A Full Six Days Dedicated To Raising Awareness About Mental And Physical Well-Being In Men.
Penthouse Staff

Ahead of Men's Health Week (10 to 16 June), it's important to recognise that the health of Australian men needs attention.

Statistically, men have more accidents and suffer from lifestyle-related health conditions at a higher rate than women of the same age.

Did you know that one out of every six Australian men suffers from depression at any given time, and 9 percent of men around the world experience depression on a daily basis? That's more than 6 million men. More than 3 million Australian men struggle with anxiety daily, and one out of every five men will develop an alcohol dependency during his life. Depression is a known high-risk factor for suicide and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, men of all ages suicide at a higher rate than women.

In general, the health status of men in most countries, including Australia, is generally poorer than that of women. We live an average of 4.4 years less, with the last 11 generally being in poor health. 

In 2016, men had nearly twice the rate of death from heart disease and lung cancer as females.

In Australia, more money is spent on the healthcare needs of women and children than is spent on the healthcare needs of men. Men are less likely to visit the doctor, likely as a result of being encouraged by our culture to be tough and independent. Some men believe visiting doctors or complaining of not feeling well are threats to how they'll be seen as men.

This is absolutely not the case.

As a result, Men's Health Week was created in the United States in 1994, aiming to shine a light on the importance of preventative healthcare in men. In Australia, Men's Health Week provides a platform for talking about the issues in men's health and raising the profile of men's health outcomes and needs each June, by way of events and workshops for men.

Take control of your health and view the full list of Men's Health Week events here.

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