Model Behaviour: Fashion Houses X Hollywood Actors
Lifestyle|May 3, 2022

Model Behaviour: Fashion Houses X Hollywood Actors

God Forbid The Day We See Vin Diesel Trudging Down The Catwalk In A Jean-Paul Frock!
Penthouse Staff

For years, models of a certain size and shape have been the ones given the luxury of gracing the world’s most regarded catwalks. Many have become household names, but the centrepiece has always been about what they are wearing rather than who they are. 

Slowly but surely, however, fashion houses are becoming more and more familiar with throwing their latest creations on a celebrity to give their designs an added marketing boost, in a world that has become obsessed with making a quick impression. But is that really a bad thing? 

Prada recently made a rather shrewd move to promote their Autumn/Winter 2022/23 collection by calling in the A-listers to give their latest threads the Hollywood factor, whilst ticking a few male age demographics along the way. 

The 10 major names showing off their classic/chic collection included the likes of Jeff Goldblum (69), Kyle MacLachlan (63), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (31) and Asa Butterfield (24).

Random? Maybe not. Not only are all these gents incredibly stylish in their own right, but they are all renowned for starring in popular, yet incredibly cool, roles, with even cooler directors. It was a way of Prada saying ‘this is where we sit artistically’ on the modern cultural platform.

There are many purists (and general sceptics) that see this type of move as a distraction from the garments being presented to us. And in this sense, a purist may be right. But blokes like things to be relatable, and often a load of buff and beautiful boys strutting up and down the catwalk doesn’t (at times!) push our buttons. 

However, give a bloke a brand which nods to David Lynch, Sex Education and Wes Anderson in one swoop and they (of a certain disposition) will take note!

Prada isn’t new to using film as a vehicle for its brand and collections. Back in 2013, the aforementioned Anderson created a clever short film called Castello Cavalcanti. Bearing in mind that the film world was crying out for new material from the director at the time, and Prada were the ones behind it, was a big tick for the brand in the eyes of many - and original in its delivery. 

The Italian house has since continued its association with the American director by getting him to design the interiors of a cafe they created in Milan, so we shouldn’t be surprised by their latest choice of models. 

These days it’s a little harder to grasp our attention when it comes to new designs, meaning that fashion houses have to get more creative to stay relevant. And an excuse to get more creative should never be frowned upon. 

But the good thing about these collaborations between the fashion world and Hollywood is that they a few and far between, and are often used to promote the safer spectrum of their output. God forbid the day we see Vin Diesel trudging down the catwalk in a Jean-Paul frock! But then again, why not?!