Porsche Launches Its First Sports Saloon
Motoring|Apr 29, 2021

Porsche Launches Its First Sports Saloon

The Porsche That Is Perfect For Impressing A Small Entourage On A Swish Weekend Away. 
Penthouse Staff

Think of the word Porsche and we instantly imagine a turbocharged engine capable of hugging curbs and cornering faster than most of us have ever gone in a straight line. The German sports car giant is as relevant and sought after today as is was when its cars first hit our roads back in 1931.

But marques such as Porsche have been coming under increasing pressure over the past 10 years to come up with high-performance, eco-friendly designs – and in the process recognise their importance to the carbon-free direction of the industry as a whole. 

So, it has come up with the Taycan 4S – a high-performance electric car – and pretty much hit the ball out of the park at the first attempt.

Going through just a few of its impressive stats is enough to turn the head of even the most ardent petrolhead. It does 0-100km/h in only four seconds, has a battery that can last for up to 463km – and a top speed of 250km/h. Not bad!

But as important as performance is, it’s not the only characteristics that make this instant classic stand out. 

The iconic Porsche silhouette has been maintained so that preying eyes are never in doubt of what your driving. When sitting behind the wheel the interiors resemble something more akin to a sci-fi movie, with a 16.8 inch digital widescreen providing key information from current speed to engine management. 

Unlike many higher-end Porsche models, this version comes with four doors, and actually enough legroom for all four passengers. Perfect for impressing a small entourage on a swish weekend away. 

The Taycan 4S has arrived with a bang and is the first glimpse into the future of Porsche. It’s now available to order in Australia and can be all yours for around $200,000 – depending on your choice of bows and tassels.