Retro Furniture By Design: CULTKA
Style|Sep 29, 2021

Retro Furniture By Design: CULTKA

CULTKA Have Created A Range Of Retro Chairs And Sofas That Tick All The Boxes.
Penthouse Staff

Getting a good piece of retro furniture is becoming harder and harder these days. Prices start to get silly and that’s before you even think about the little bits of restoration you may have to undertake. And, once in situ, then you wonder whether the piece was actually worth it in the first place.

CULTKA is slowly going about changing these little problems whilst providing some pretty stunning pieces inspired by mid-century designs; something that says just as much about you as the period it comes from. 

Realising that comfort and price don’t always go hand in hand, the designers have created a range of chairs and sofas that tick all the boxes, offering changes to living spaces without breaking the bank. 

Inspired by the designs of Mario Bellini, an Italian architect who created the world’s first modular sofas, the CULTKA Custom could be the centrepiece for any large living room. You can choose the colours and size that work for your space, with comfort never being questioned. 


If you’re after something a little smaller for a studio apartment or second living room, then take a peek at the CULTKA Sofas range. They stay in line with the bulbous designs of Bellini but for more petite needs. 

Some of the more daring designs in the CULTKA catalogue, however, come in the form of chairs. The LC7 in Nude replica is as simple as it is beautiful, whilst the Bidendum vintage leather seats are so sought-after there aren't any left!

If you’re looking to add a special piece to your living space that will make you grin each time you walk through the door, then CULTKA has an option that exceeds your expectations.