Sesión Tequila Is Challenging Tequila Stereotypes
Lifestyle|Jan 24, 2022

Sesión Tequila Is Challenging Tequila Stereotypes

Savouring Sesión Tequila's Award-Winning Signature 3-Part Tequila Range.
Penthouse Staff

Whilst jaunting around the sun-baked fields of Jalisco in Mexico, Jennifer Hawkins, Jake Wall and Tim Freeburn came to realise their dream of producing a luxury Tequila. They came across one of the oldest distillers in the Tequila region, The Beckmann Family, and Sesion was born.

With the tourists’ ideas and the Beckmann’s master distillers, they managed to create three unique versions of the celebrated spirit. Keen to do things their own way without straying away from the origins of Mexico’s biggest exports, their range has a little something for everyone.

For the traditionalists, their Blanco bottle is a light, clear Tequila that most of us are accustomed to drinking. Its citrusy flavour is tinted with elements of spice and mint and it is pleasantly refreshing on the palette.  

As a complete contrast in more ways than one, their dark and delightful Mocha bottle offers a lot more depth, with elements of chocolate and coffee coming to the fore followed by a creamy, sweet finish. It’s not surprising that this offering easily lends itself to cocktails, and there’s even a few nice serving suggestions available on the Sesion website.

And last but by no means least is the Reposado, which will be of particular interest to those who are fond of a high-quality margarita. This strong yet smooth-tasting Tequila offers notes of vanilla, orchard fruits and oak, perfect when mixed with some crushed ice and lime juice.

It’s evident from the off that Sesion are fast achieving what they set out to do, and that’s provide a unique range of high-quality Tequila that can be enjoyed on its own or creatively in cocktails. It’s a million miles away from many a stereotype associated with the spirit.