Stay Clean Shaven With The Braun Wet-Dry Shaver
Style|May 21, 2021

Stay Clean Shaven With The Braun Wet-Dry Shaver

Crafting Your Look Starts With Finding The Right Tools To Keep Your Chops in Shape.
Penthouse Staff

If you like a cleanly shaven mug, finding the right tools to keep your chops in shape is a daily must.

Those of us who like a smooth face know all too well the pitfalls of daily shaving, but the team at Braun has tweaked one of its best sellers to make sure close shaves and irritated skin need not be mentioned in the same sentence. 

Its Series 9 9390cc shaver can be used for both wet and dry shaves. That means that whether you’re looking to take away excess stubble whilst on the move, or fully foamed up in front of your bathroom mirror in the morning, stubble can be removed with quick and efficient ease. 

It has several features that make easy work of even the most wayward of growth. A lift and cut trim draws away flat lying hair to get closer to the root in one movement, whilst a skin guard and 2x Opti Foil protect from your skin during every stroke. 

A MacroMotion Flex Head adapts to the unique shape of your face, to give you optimum skin contact throughout every stroke, even when whipping off overgrown beards and ’staches. 

The series Series 9 9390cc also has plenty  of longevity, with a 60-minute battery life after full charge, ideal for meeting-heavy business trips or weekend trips away when time is of the essence. 

And just to top it all off, the 9 9390cc comes with a Clean and Charge Station. This clever little device not only charges your shaver but when selected, cleans, lubricates and dries the trimmers and guards so that it stays feeling fresh and new before every use.