Suck And Blow: The Best Cigars To Smoke in 2021
Lifestyle|Sep 8, 2021

Suck And Blow: The Best Cigars To Smoke in 2021

From Arturo Fuente to Gran Habano - Wrap Your Lips Around These Cigars.
Penthouse Staff

Rappers and movie stars are making these bad boys more popular, but are you cool enough to pull it off? 

Cigars are the coolest form of tobacco if ever there was one. They’re a hippest way to smoke without actually smoking. 

If you want to road test one for the first time at a dinner party, or a little celebratory get together, what brands should you be buying?

We’ve selected a few cigars that will only serve to enhance your credibility. 


This Dominican cigar maker has learnt well from its Cuban neighbours, in that every unit that leaves its workshop is handmade. They’re very nicely priced too, which will get you plenty of nods of approval from beginners and experts alike.


This sweet-tasting cigar comes straight from Honduras. It’s a medium-strength, natural-coloured smoke that comes wrapped in a stylish Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Its smell will light up your environment, plus have you looking the business in the process. 


Rocky Patel is a well-known brand in the world of quality hand-rolled cigars. The American tobacco don has created the American Market Selection for entry-level smokers. It’s been a real hit so far thanks to nutty flavours with a hint of earth and spice. It’s also quite mellow in strength. 


Drew Estate produces the type of cigars you would normally associate with a Dallas Oil executive. Basically: they’re big, bold and strong. The Larutan Natural Cigar is made for the beginner but has been adopted by seasoned smokers too. A great smoke.  


If you’re after something a little creamier and rounded, then this wonderfully named Gran Habano #1 Connecticut is the perfect choice. This smooth Honduran cigar will have you looking and feeling like  a real Montana/Escobar.  



Most cigars are created when the wrapper is applied by hand to a bunch (combined, blended filler leaves) with a manual or motor-driven machine. Often these cigars are referred to as ‘machine-bunched; handmade’. As the name suggests, machine made cigars are made entirely by machine, using short filler or scrap filler tobacco. The wrapper is natural, but the binder is created from homogenised tobacco. 
Pure, 100% handmade cigars are produced without the use of any machines, and are instead created by a premium cigar roller.


Handmade cigars have long fillers and are made of leaves of tobacco running the whole length of the cigar. Recently some manufacturers have created medium filler cigars, and some handmade cigars (such as the Oba Oba!), contain mixed fillers. This maintains the quality of a handmade cigar at a considerable discount. Machine made cigars, have short fillers made from leaves, stems and other scraps of tobacco chopped up by a machine. Short fillers burn faster and become hotter, making drawing and burning quality significantly inferior. 


The binder holds the filler together. Handmade cigars use tough, coarse tobacco leaves to hold the filler together. Machine-made cigars use ground up tobacco parts that are held together by a natural glue. 


Handmade cigar rollers take fine, silky, elastic wrapper tobacco and stretch it around the moulded cigar body. This stretching and laminating process, essentially, makes the cigar look and feel sexy. Machine-made cigar wrappers are generally flat and dull.