The Average Cost Of A Date In Australia Might Surprise You
Lifestyle|Aug 10, 2018

The Average Cost Of A Date In Australia Might Surprise You

It's Not Cheap.
Tobias Handke

Dating in the modern world is a minefield of mixed messages, fake profiles and unusual encounters, but it’s also not cheap. 

A survey by ING Direct last year discovered Aussies spend almost $12 billion a year on dates, with one in four people spending more than $100 on just getting prepared for the date, splashing out on new clothes, shoes, hair and make-up.

Dating website Elite Singles took things one step further by conducting a study to find out the average an Australian spends on a date night, and the results are rather interesting.

Defining a typical date night as a couple having “a mid-range dinner for two, a shared bottle of wine, two cinema tickets and an 8-kilometre taxi ride home,” they found the average cost to be $125. 

Although not a ridiculous amount of money, when I consider most my dates involve a couple rounds at the local dive bar or wine bar (depending on the company), I’m either an extremely cheap date or not putting in enough effort. Or possibly both. 

Breaking down the experience even further, the study found Perth is the most expensive city to find love, with a standard date costing $138. Perth isn’t the only pricey city, with a date in Darwin costing $137, Dubbo $132 and Melbourne $130. 

For those of you who prefer saving a few bob Newcastle is the place to be, with the average date night costing only $103. That’s $35 less than Perth, leaving you with spare cash you can spend on something more fulfilling, like a cheap bottle of spirits or a Halal snack pack for the way home.

It’s no shock the Gold Coast is also cheap, with the average date coming in at $107. Other cheaper cities below the $130 mark include Adelaide, where a date will set you back $122, Canberra, where you’re looking at $126 and Brisbane, also costing $126.

Using the same criteria described earlier for what a date entails, Elite Singles also listed the average cost of a date in 25 major cities around the world. Converting global prices into Aussie dollars and comparing the cities they found a date in Sydney is cheaper than the likes of New York ($161), Tokyo ($170), Paris ($133) and London ($148). 

Oslo in Norway is the most expensive city to have a romantic liaison and will set you back a whopping $180, with Tokyo and New York a close second and third. The cheapest goes to Bogota, where a date costs just $59. 

So if you think you’re spending too much treating your missus just be thankful you’re not in Norway forking out a days pay to keep her happy.