The Devito Effect: Styling Advice For Shorter Men
Style|Aug 25, 2021

The Devito Effect: Styling Advice For Shorter Men

How To Remain Dapper in On-Trend Garments When You're On The Shorter Side.
Penthouse Staff

How to rock an oversized coat like Danny Devito

With current trends and styles leaning towards a more ‘oversized look’, some of us shorter blokes have the opportunity to wear garments we wouldn’t otherwise bother with.  Gentlemen who are more vertically challenged are now stepping out in shirts, pants and other clobber that was clearly made for people twice their size with (let’s face it) mixed results!

But there is one garment that looks particularly dapper for those on the shorter side at the moment, and that’s the overcoat. This winter jacket has often been the kryptonite of the smaller man’s wardrobe, making the wearer feel like he is part of a human carry all rather than wearing a stylish and elegant jacket.

With this reboot in larger overcoats, you will have to carefully consider where in the world your purchase is made to make sure your sleeves aren’t dragging across the floor like an orangutan's arms. Japanese and Italian fashion houses tend to cater for smaller men’s sizes, and luxury brands like Saint Laurent and Burberry are also jumping on the bandwagon. There are also some beautiful designs from the likes of Eidos and Beam Plus.

This means that what you buy will remain nicely in proportion to your limbs whilst still offering the bulkier size we are all falling in love with again. So, is it safe for smaller men to step out in an overcoat these days? The answer is, when done properly, yes! 


A guide to hem length for shorter guys

We all like to take a new pair of jeans, trousers or chinos to our local tailor to get the hem just right. But do you really know what just right is? Shouldn’t there be some kind of rule in place for this stuff? 

Well, as there is no 100% right way to consider the length of you trousers, there is definitely a wrong way. In other words, a few things to avoid, let’s just say.

If you’re wearing formal trousers for work, it’s inevitable that you are aware of a break. This is that little crease at the front of your trousers that happens when the hem touches your shoe. With longer trousers, this is definitely more noticeable, and a big faux pas. Too short and there will be too much sock space between your leg hem and shoe. So finding that middle ground is key. 

Jeans and chinos are a little different, though. These days large is back but we still see a good amount of leg cut. Chinos can be worn with a little length but don’t overdo it. Fitted slim to fitted chinos around ankle length or just below are fine. Jeans are by far the most diverse when it comes to length. There is more freedom, although the large and long style is probably best left in the early 2000s where it belongs - or at skate parks on groms.