The Erotic Watch To Wear If You Want To Get Laid
Lifestyle|Aug 16, 2021

The Erotic Watch To Wear If You Want To Get Laid

We’re Not talking Average Watches Here; We’re Referring To Something Special.
Corrine Barraclough

You know when you want to get laid. You can feel it. These are not your quiet, introverted, Netflix days, these are your most extrovert, horny as hell and ready to make it happen days.  

Now, how to make sure women get that vibe from you, too?

Sometimes, we can learn some lessons from history. In this instance, we whiz back in time to 17th century Japan (stay with us, this is actually really interesting!).

Watches were used in high-class society at this time basically as pick up tools. Eager men would showcase their watch to a woman he fancied to reveal his intensions and fantasies for the night.

These watches are business at the front, party in the back… in its purest form.

At the front, you’ll see the watch face.

Turn these pieces around and you’ll see the “practical” part of the watch, the full scene engaging in sex. You even see a glimpse of movement behind the patterned glass case-back.

Cool, huh?

We’re not talking average watches here; we’re referring to something special.

Each piece is limited to 300 pieces worldwide and is uniquely serialised.


The UNDONE Shunga: Edo sports

The UNDONE Shunga: Edo sports

The UNDONE Shunga: Edo sports:

A muted and aged colour way with a beige and silver dial, paired with vintage grey strap.


The UNDONE Shunga: Meiji

The UNDONE Shunga: Meiji

The UNDONE Shunga: Meiji showcases:

A more modern, industrial theme with a navy and silver dial pairing teamed with a navy-blue suede strap.


UNDONE, established in 2014, is the world’s leading bespoke wristwatch label. There’s a team of industry veterans behind the company to ensure the unique watches go beyond functional fashion; they tell stories.

The UNDONE Nippon Erotica: Shunga collection explores both the art of escapism by the high society in the 17th century and the art of shunga, a type of Japanese erotic art usually executed in the style of ukioy-e.

Translated literally, the Japanese word shunga means ‘picture of spring’; spring is a common euphemism for sex.

The ukioy-e movement sought to express an ideal of contemporary urban life and appeal to the chonin class (subordinate to the warrior class).

Basically, the art was seen as a lucky charm to samurai, chonin and housewives.

If you go searching, you’ll find a wide range of depictions of sexuality. The Japanese influences of shunga date back to the Heian period (794 to 1185). Over centuries, all sorts of different forms and sexual positions emerged, including masturbation. It really took off in the 16th and 19th century, when artists scored higher prices for their work.

Think sexually explicit, erotic photography before cameras.

If you couldn’t take photos of naked girls, you would have to draw them!

In this style of art, genitalia are often exaggerated and portrayed as a “second face”, meaning the genitals express the primal passions that ordinary girls are forced to conceal on their real face.

Amusingly, one American businessperson who arrived in Yokohoma in 1859 described shunga as “vile pictures executed in the best style Japanese art”.

Well, looks like one man’s “vile pictures” is another man’s must-have.

In truth, both men and women of all classes enjoyed shunga.

Crusty old records show women specifically went looking for shunga themselves; because (some) women have lusty sex drives too.

So, if you want a striking watch that’s more than just a watch - that’s a conversation starter and a signal to women who are on the prowl too, this is it!

UNDONE Nippon Erotica: Shunga collection

UNDONE Nippon Erotica: Shunga collection

Learn more about the UNDONE Nippon Erotica: Shunga collection here.