The HX50 Is "The Helicopter You Have Always Wanted"
Motoring|Apr 19, 2022

The HX50 Is "The Helicopter You Have Always Wanted"

Got A Cool Million To Spare? Why Not Invest In Your Own Private Helicopter.
Penthouse Staff

Some of us have certain ways of defining our wealth; a way to show others exactly what we’re about. A (couple of) flashy cars, a Harley, an apartment with a bay view. We’re all a little different, yet we all like to show off. 

But there is one way to outdo everyone. A way to win that little game of who’s earning more than who. Something that has infinite fun written all over it. 


The HX50, as makers Hill Helicopters quite confidently brag, is the ‘helicopter you have always wanted’. First of all, that’s a pretty solid statement about who their clientele is, as many of us haven’t ever considered owning one! But when you take a look at this bad boy, the thought won’t stay foreign long!

These days the vast majority of helicopter sales are made to private owners, who don’t ferry fly people around all day, but helicopters are still made and designed with the commercial sector in mind. 


Recognising this gap in the market and a genuine need for innovation, Hill Helicopters developed the HX50.

Buying this type of helicopter is an experience for the buyer from start to finish. First of all, customers are invited to spend two weeks helping put the aircraft together, to help them understand how it is built, and therefore how to maintain it for longevity going forward. 


It’s made with the company’s own GT50 two-spool turboshaft engine, which is completely optimised for high efficiency and low fuel consumption. It can easily maintain 400 horsepower, and can bang out bursts as high as 500hp should a situation need it. 

As you would expect, the interiors are pretty stunning, with beautiful leather seats allowing you to transport up to five passengers.


Because let’s face it, you’ll have plenty of friends with one of these!

But how much does one pay for such a toy? Well, you will be looking in the region of $1,000,000. Which for a spanking new helicopter, doesn’t seem too bad at all!