The Must Have Item For Sneaker Freaks
Style|May 11, 2021

The Must Have Item For Sneaker Freaks

Let's Cut To The Lace, You're Not A Sneaker Freak Unless You Have A Shoe Tree.
Penthouse Staff

If you’re serious about buying high-quality footwear, whether it’s a pair of leather brogues or a rare pair of sneakers, you need to know how to look after them.

Most shoes, especially sneakers, come with a sell-by date. But what if there was a product on the market that helped you kick that date down the road a few years?

This is where Trimly steps in, a Melbourne shoe care retailer that was only set up in 2016. It produces Cedar Shoe Trees that keep your sneakers in their correct form when you aren’t wearing them. 

But why would you need such a product?

Well, moisture and creasing in your sneakers is one of the main reasons they start to look rough around the edges, and less worthy of your new threads. A Shoe Tree is basically two shaped wooden blocks held together by an alloy rod that you place into your shoe. 

This fitted form not only airs and de-moisturiser your shoes after you have worn them, but also helps iron our creases particularly around the toes. They also help reinforce the heel wall so reduce any friction that can come with time. 

The great thing about the Trimly range is that it’s not just a case of one size fits all. The company has studied the market closely, and has come up with designs for everything from  lo-tops and hi-tops to boots and brogues. 

A small investment goes a long way with these handy cedar trees, and Trimly seems to have nailed it design-wise without going crazy with its asking price! 

Shop Trimly shoe trees here.