This Clothing Brand Is The Antithesis Of Fast Fashion
Lifestyle|Apr 12, 2022

This Clothing Brand Is The Antithesis Of Fast Fashion

Stan Is A Southern Californian Brand Based On Sustainability, Surf-Culture And Storytelling.
Penthouse Staff

It comes as no surprise that the heritage of this label is steeped in a pure love for the planet. It's the antithesis of fast fashion championing zero waste, full upcycle and recycling. Here, surfer and model Tristan Detwiler talks about the launch of Stan, the Southern California brand based on sustainability, surf-culture and story-telling.

“Stan uses textiles as old as 140 years, forgotten over time, and unveils narratives of travel, ownership, wear, mending and love.


Some tattered and passed down over generations; now these one-of-a-kind pieces allow a new person to continue and share unique stories of time, in a different form such as a jacket. Each piece bears the mark of the past.

“Our sustainable aim is to breathe life into each textile and honour its unique provenance. Stan will always maintain its sustainable and waste-less business model that it has been committed to since day one.

“This season’s collection was inspired by my late grandfather, Robert Stanley Detwiler; or Grandpa Bob. Grandpa Bob embodied the iconographic gentleman, in my eyes. A salesman for Kodak in the 1950’s, he wore a suit every day, always dressed with a sense of understated flair. I picture him tipping his hat at passersby with a warm smile extending from his lips. He was a simple man with great honesty and integrity; a man of pure kindness and charm.


“This collection incorporates the iconic details and silhouettes from decades spanning from the 1910s to the 1960s. A gentleman who is refined and sophisticated, yet also rugged and adventurous.” 

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