This Year's Most Sought After Fragrance For Men
Style|Jul 15, 2021

This Year's Most Sought After Fragrance For Men

Jo Malone London's 'Marmalade Collection' Is Nothing To Sniff At.
Penthouse Staff

British perfume specialist Jo Malone London may have just come up with some of this year’s most sought-after fragrances. Its Marmalade Collection has been created alongside one of Scotland’s most celebrated soft fruit processors – Blairgowrie – to create scents inspired by the British summer fete. 

A British summer fete, if you have never been to one, literally resembles an episode of Great British Bake Off, with everyone offering their homemade concoction of cakes, jams and even the odd craft beer. 

These fetes are the main inspiration behind two of the collections stand out scents. Blackberry & Bay is a deep burst of dark fruits, like berries and brambles, all brought together with a nice woody finish. It could be the perfect seasonal gift, with unmistakable tart-like notes and its jam-jar-esque bottle.

Orange Peel takes us in a different direction, with a more zesty aroma that accurately conjures up the vibrant citrus. This fragrance sits well with the ‘Marmalade’ territory the collection takes its names from, and really lifts your senses. There is also a hint of wooden notes to add a little depth.

So if you like a bit of British nostalgia, deck chairs, sleeveless cardies and all, then this Marmalade Collection from Jo Malone London goes straight for your sweet tooth. 



Marmalade making, a most British of traditions. Orange peel simmers on the stove, its zesty aroma and bitter bite tantalising the senses. Warm woods are blended with orange to create a refined, golden fragrance. Quirky natural rhubarb adds an enticing appeal to this fresh take on the classic marmalade. We combined the two fragrances for a zesty masculine combination sure to impress.


Childhood memories of blackberry picking. A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with a fresh note of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. Vibrant and verdant.
“Using seasonal fruits to create homemade preserves that you can gift to family and friends seems like such a quintessentially British pastime.” – Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance