Thom Morison Is Changing The Face Of Fashion
Style|Oct 21, 2021

Thom Morison Is Changing The Face Of Fashion

From T-Shirts and Knit Wear to Bottoms And Outerwear, Thom Has You Covered.
Amie Wee

If you're not already aware of the name Thom Morison, then listen up! The pattern maker is based out of Auckland, New Zealand and is currently turning heads aplenty with his highly stylish, minimal clothing designs that are tailor-made for the modern man. 

His studio on Great North Road is not just a design sanctuary but also a test centre for every garment developed. He creates and wears every piece, meaning that collections are built upon rather than arriving in one big drop. This process ensures his creations are as comfortable as they are pleasing on the eye.

Everyday wear is definitely the concept Morison is riding. From T-Shirts and Knit Wear to Bottoms and Outerwear, his studio has you covered whatever the colour of the sky may be. 

Trousers are a particular standout within Morison’s considered collection. His Single Pleat Moleskin’ and Elastic Trouser (Fawn Herringbone) are about as on trend as it gets and marry perfectly with tees and classic sneakers for that on-point smart-casual vibe. 

There is an essence of tradition mixed with modern cuts throughout his work, offering looks that lends themselves to both urban and natural surroundings.

And speaking of being natural, Thom Morison fabrics are sustainably sourced to the highest possible standards, with each piece being hand-sewn by local Kiwi ateliers. Big tick!