Why You Should Consider Adding Corduroy To Your Collection
Style|May 25, 2022

Why You Should Consider Adding Corduroy To Your Collection

If You Don’t Already Have A Piece Of Classic Corduroy In Your Wardrobe, Now Is The Time.
Penthouse Staff

As we head into the Autumn/Winter season, our wardrobe becomes less playful and more classic. Away go the bold, bright hues and out come darker, more understated tones like such as military green and Bordeaux red. 

One twill weave fabric that helps hold these colours for colder climates together is corduroy. Yes, the whale size pants may have crept their way into some of our spring collections, but corduroy naturally lends itself to a certain time of the year. 

The fabric has made quite the comeback with the vintage generation picking up old French-made garments from the 70s, when it could be seen on everyone from college professors to bell-bottomed hippies. But this rediscovery has seen a surge in production from designers around the globe. 

Although we see many variations of corduroy in the shape of shirts and jackets, it’s the pants that are a real winner. They’re comfortable, spacious and feel as good with a pair of boots or shoes as they do rolled up above a pair of sneakers. 

And there is always fun to be had with colour, adding a playful side to a classic look. You can always be a bit more daring with your choice of corduroy pants, which is great if you have a more flamboyant personality. 

Age doesn’t seem to be a factor either. There are as many teens and twenty-somethings wearing the fabric these days as dads and grandads, so it is truly versatile in that sense. 

If you don’t already have a piece of classic Corduroy in your collection, now is very much the time to snap up some very stylish pieces.