Win A Bottle Of Limoncello From Maria River Distillery
Lifestyle|Dec 8, 2021

Win A Bottle Of Limoncello From Maria River Distillery

This Australian-Made Adult Spiked Lemonade Will Change Your Summer Cocktail Game.
Amie Wee

With Christmas around the corner and lots of summer parties on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to level-up your cocktail game. And while Limoncello probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think about crafting a summer cocktail, this sophisticated golden liqueur is the pinnacle of summertime drinking and begs to be served on a warm evening.

Don’t just take our word for it though. We caught up with Brandon Santi for a drink (Limoncello, of course), the main man behind Maria River Distillery, to learn how Limoncello is made, the best ways to enjoy Limoncello and ultimately why you should consider adding this underrated liqueur to your bar cart this summer. And he's also given us some Limoncello to give away to 3 lucky Penthouse readers.

What's the story behind how you came to be making Limoncello at Maria River Distillery? 

It started about 6 years ago to see if I could make Limoncello. We’d just come back from holidays on the Amalfi coast and I was fascinated with the way the Italians made Limoncello in big 10 litre jars. After a few (lots) of attempts, I managed to make a reasonable Limoncello in the same style as the ones from Amalfi. Around the same time I also decided to have a go at making Gin… 4 years later what started as a hobby has got completely out of control and I have been obsessed day and night on this gin quest. It has taken over my life! Not satisfied with just making Gin, I decided to grow Gin as well. After years of testing different botanical mixes I’ve settled on a very Australian styled Gin. One with a finger lime citrus twist and Strawberry Gum finish. I decided to grow my own botanicals and have planted junipers, coriander, cardamon, finger limes, gum trees and myrtleson the farm. All based around the tradition of old school spirit making, everything is made onsite, in
small batch production. Locally farmed, responsibly sourced, sustainably distilled.

I always say, have one shot to relax and three to go dancing

In your opinion, what makes a quality Limoncello? 

The key to a good Limoncello is time. You can't rush it. Yes, you need big fresh lemons and good spirit but you have to wait for it to be ready. When done correctly, you have  this beautiful pearlescent lemon-coloured liquor. Well balanced sweet and sour with a tail of spirit as it goes down. 

Where do you source your lemons?

On the farm we grow as many lemons as we can. Our orchard has 120 lemon trees and we will be planting another 120 trees in 2022. We also source lemons from local growers in the mid North Coast. Our goal is always to keep production sustainable and local.

What’s involved in distilling Limoncello? 

There are actually many different ways to make Limoncello. At its core what you are trying to do is extract an essential oil, then blend that with a sugar wash. The basic process is macerating lemon peel in spirit to extract the oils. Then you combine that with sugar and water to make Limoncello. Sounds so easy. A simple process that takes a little while to master. 

How should you drink Limoncello?  

Straight from the freezer in a shot glass. Limoncello is best enjoyed after a meal, typically dinner. I always say, have one shot to relax and three to go dancing.

Any summery Limoncello cocktail recommendations? 

Limoncello Prosecco cocktails would be my fav for Summer. Add 30ml of Limoncello in your favourite Prosecco. Easy!

How should a bottle of Limoncello be stored? 

Keep in the freezer with your shot glasses, ready at all times. 

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Win a bottle of Limoncello!

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