Your Fresh Out Of Lockdown Hair Guide
Style|Dec 7, 2021

Your Fresh Out Of Lockdown Hair Guide

Now You’re Free Of Your Lockdown Mane, What Styles Should You Be Going For?
Corrine Barraclough

Lockdowns are (finally) over and the whole of Australia has run to the barber. But, now you’re free of your lockdown mane, what styles should you be going for? Penthouse spoke to Modern Pirate for some tips…


Style 1: Modern Mullet


In short: Business up front, party in the pack. This is the most on trend, current hairstyle; can be styled in various different ways and if you really want to go there, you can choose to inject some colour.

Perfect for? This is the stylish way to be a rebel and show some grit without having some steeze.



Style 2: Modern crew cut


In short: This is your no fuss, neat and stylish cut.

Perfect for? Some guys have grown out their hair to be longer then they have ever had it – here is a great reset!




Style 3: Classic Quiff


In short: Short on the sizes, length on top.

Perfect for? This style is bold with character and can be styled to showcase volume or slicked back for a classic style.



Style 4: High and tight


In short: This style is the current go-to for barbers.

Perfect for? This high and tight look is always in style; if you’re looking for a style that’s especially low maintenance and easy to work from the office to the bar, this is for you.

If you’re looking for a style that’s especially low maintenance, and easy to work from the office to the bar, this is for you

On your next shopping trip, keep your eye out for…
These Modern Pirate new products for the Spring/Summer season:




Cool Water Sea Salt Spray is a product that helps to style hair into that messy, “beachy” look we all love. It gives hair easy textured waves and added volume due to the salt component in the spray. This product brings a fresh, unique twist on the traditional sea salt spray, helping to mimic the effect of ocean spray on the hair. The sandalwood scent is a Modern Pirate favourite, complimenting our fragrance profiles across the range.

How to use: Shake your sea salt spray well - this is crucial as it ensures the product is properly mixed and ready for application. Towel dry and pre style or comb hair, then spray each section of hair with sea salt spray. Once the spray is applied, work loosely through the hair with hands or comb, this will activate the sea salt spray and give a fresh-off-the-beach look. Enjoy the simple convenience of rinsing out this water-soluble product clean and easy in the shower.

Key features: Adds volume and texture, mimicking the effect of sea salt. Added Celtic salt for extra texture, naturally enhanced with Pomegranate seed extract and Vitamin E - Epson salts (keeps hair from drying out)


SEA SALT CRÈME POMADE - Net wt 95ml/3.2oz


Sea Salt Créme Pomade is a lightweight styling crème for those desiring a soft natural textured look. This product provides a light hold and is great for a loose everyday look and casual business styles. Sea Salt Pomade will dry in light, moisturize and also add volume without weighing down the hair.

How to use: Scoop a 10c piece of pomade into your palm, gently rub through your hands. Then massage through your hair and use your fingers to create your desired style. To restyle through the day, dampen your hands and run through your hair to reinvigorate the pomade and let your hair dry naturally.
Enjoy the simple convenience of rinsing out this water-soluble product clean and easy in the shower.

Key features: Matte Finish, no shine finish, smooth and easy application. Naturally enhanced, rinses out easily, dries in light, adds texture/thickness, non-greasy, not tested on animals, sulphate free and vegan friendly.



Our "White Pearl" styling powder is a unique lightweight matte finish styling powder that will add volume and texture with an invisible stronghold. Perfect for everyday loose textured styles or added volume as a pre-styler under your favourite pomade. This powder contains the ingredient silica silylate, which is responsible for the volumizing effect. Unlike silicones that leave a smooth, shiny finish on the hair, silica leaves the hair rough. With a matte look and gritty feel, silica bulks up the hair by increasing friction between the hair fibres. Plus, as an added bonus, it will absorb moisture, to be rid of any excess oil that hinders volume.

How to use: When working with our superior styling powder, ensure your hair is styled and dry before applying. Start by sectioning your hair around the crown of your head, or where you desire lift and pump a small amount of powder from the bottle directly onto your roots. Repeat this process to multiple sections. 

Key features: Adds volume and texture, lightweight, matte finish, pre-styler beneath pomade, great for fine or thinning hair, pump-style dispenser

Check out the full range at modernpirate.com.au