Dear Feminists, Please Re-Tune Your Oppression Radars.
Opinion|Dec 26, 2021

Dear Feminists, Please Re-Tune Your Oppression Radars.

Stand Up For Your Sisters – You Know, The Ones Who Are Actually In Real Trouble.
Penthouse Staff

Dear feminists,  

On and on… and on. 

Ohh, and, what a surprise, you’re still going on. 

You’re whinging about the gender pay gap (which has been repeatedly debunked). Screeching about imaginary sexism.

Banging on about implementing more women’s taskforces. Complaining about supposedly offensive un-PC language.

Harping on about the number of women on boards.

This is not inspiring; you’re tiresome. 

And while you’re pushing for yet more government funding, to further line extremely deep pockets, all in the name of “equality”, there are women who are truly suffering. 

How do you lie straight in bed at night with consciences twisted with such warped self-indulgence?Where’s your sense of priorities?

If you step out of your walk-in closet, jam-packed with Julie Bishop-eque red stilettoes and Hillary Clinton-inspired pantsuits for two seconds, you will see women in Afghanistan are struggling. 

We’ve hardly heard a peep out of feminists, who make a mint out of jabbering their loud mouths on behalf of an entire gender. Yet, right now when real and true oppression is in full swing? Crickets. 

We had one blast of news when the Taliban regained control in Afghanistan about how bad things could get for women and girls. Since then? Silence. 

Dear feminists, please re-tune your oppression radars. 

While you’ve been sitting pretty in your perfectly air-conditioned boardrooms, giving whizzy presentations to ask for triple the funding, your sisters over in Afghanistan have lost even the right to protest. 

Rallies have been broken up with gunfire. 

Brave gatherings of women have ended in beatings. 

Civilised requests for the respect of civil freedoms have been met with violent responses. 

Last time the Taliban were running the horror show, women were only allowed to leave their homes only when accompanied by a male relative. 

Last time these morons were in charge, they banned women from work and stopped girls from attending school.

Last time this nightmare played out, women were forced to hide under burquas.

All that – and what was the response from egotistical, elitist, self-centred feminists here in Australia?

The response was to insist that Islam is the “most feminist religion”.

Women were whipped in the streets by Islamic militants who have self-appointed their own egos to Chiefs of Moral

Police, for fucks sake. Now, the Women’s Ministry in Kabul has been closed. 

After initially insisting, like an abusive partner pleading for one more chance because, ‘it will be different this time, it will be better, I promise’, the reality is the Taliban haven’t changed. 

Believe their crap? You’re a first-class fool. 

While feminist groups in Australia harp on about fairy-tale gender quotas and mythical oppression, maybe they should spare a thought for women who will now only be allowed to work in only a small, very limited number of approved jobs? 

While they busy themselves with yet another petition to raise awareness about the imaginary patriarchy stomping around Australian cities, the Taliban have made a list of all women involved in protests and will conduct house searches for them.

Newsflash: these house calls are not to deliver gifts.

You want to talk about oppression?

You want to screech about the horrors of male dominance?


While your Afghan sisters retreat into silence in fear of their very lives, forgive us if we decline to fall for your latest calls of “oppression” in this country.

It’s bullshit.

And we see it.

We see it because there is are two worlds existing in parallel right now, before our very eyes. There’s the absolute equality and luxury of the Australian, first-world females, contrasting with the blood-soaked trembling bodies attempting to survive in Afghanistan. Sit down and rethink your strategy because sensible men and women in this country have had enough of your virtue signalling hype. Stand up for your sisters – you know, the ones who are actually in real trouble, right now, in real time.

Yours sincerely,

Penthouse Magazine