Giving Rise to The Next 'Age Of The Eunuchs'
Opinion|Sep 29, 2021

Giving Rise to The Next 'Age Of The Eunuchs'

Gender Reassignment Surgery Has Become Big Business, Writes Alexandra Marshall.
Alexandra Marshall

Historically, losing your bits was a routine hazard. In a world of throbbing masculinity, the powerful found themselves threatened by the girth of rivals and set about pruning them to size. Men have always been obsessed with the tools of procreation. Our civilisation is littered with dick-based graffiti, adorning everything from the streets of ancient Rome to caves of Astypalaia where ‘Nikasitimos mounted Timiona’.

This is understandable, given power and position is predominately built on ancestry. Those with illustrious lines amassed fortunes while newcomers set about killing ruling families to take their stuff. A man’s two most valuable possessions became his sword and his other sword.

Children meant everything, and anything with something dangling between their legs posed a threat.

The solution was simple. Sensible rulers took pet bureaucrats to the vet and had them fixed.

Once castrated, there was only so much damage a man could do. Removed from the temptation of starting their own prestigious bloodlines, eunuchs were allowed to climb the rungs of power – greased by size-challenged men – and hold positions of immense responsibility. These guardians of the bed served as a bridge between rulers and kept watch over the treasure be it women, gold or secrets. Their incomplete condition left them permanent social outcasts of both genders. 

Often incontinent and with effeminate features of soft bodies and shrill voices, eunuchs traded in a life of poverty for one of financial security and torment. It’s not a pleasant career path, which is why it also doubled as one of the most barbaric punishments dished out to rapists, money fiddlers and traitors.

Islam’s slave trade in Africa lasted 13 centuries, taking upwards of 17 million slaves after African kings were forced to sell their own people into slavery. 

Nuts remain on the menu in courts of Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Alabama, Ukraine, Nigeria and wherever ISIS is  hiding out.

Every era of human history has its eunuchs and we appear to be no different

Generally, the liberation of women effectively pushed eunuchs out of a job causing most civilisations to put the practice to bed. Well, not quite. Every era of human history has its eunuchs. We appear to be no different.

Aside from unwilling victims of cancer, accidental over-zealous injuries and a few fetishists – there’s a new legion of cockless men aspiring to positions of influence. These eunuchs capitalise on prominent activist movements to gain social standing. By filming their self-mutilation journey, thousands of ‘progressive’ citizens in the West have turned genetic sacrifice into a career.

Influencers have taken to social media platforms to make money from their ‘transition journey’ – using it as a message of empowerment. Those who repeat the LGBT+ talking points find themselves showered with attention, prestige, and the illusion of power within a saturated political landscape. 

Many Youtubers, Tweeters and Instagrammers are confused kids looking for answers to their personal sexual identity struggle, finding them in the mouths of those who will profit from  bloody sacrifice.

Gender reassignment surgery used to be reserved for a tiny percentage of genuine gender dysphoria sufferers, willing to go to extreme lengths to resolve the discord between their mental gender and physical presentation. This life-changing surgery is up more than 1,500 per cent in European nations, creating serious concern predatory activist movements have brainwashed a generation into becoming the  next castrati.

Kids are now money fountains; in the US in 2019 11,000 people underwent surgery worth $304 million. It’s obvious why medical practitioners, activists and social media companies encourage destructive behaviour, but are people really prepared to snip themselves for a bit of social street cred? 

Yes. Social acceptance and ‘identity’ has become the most important commodity of our digitised world. Learning where and how you fit into the social order of life used to be a part of growing up. Offering a quick fix under the scalpel has accidentally resurrected butchery, giving rise to the next ‘Age of the Eunuchs’.