Open Letter: Dear Social Media Giants
Tech|May 27, 2021

Open Letter: Dear Social Media Giants

Social Media Platforms Have A Lot To Answer For, Writes Corrine Barraclough.
Corrine Barraclough

Dear Social Media Giants,

We are understanding people. 

We pride ourselves on being fair, reasonable and balanced citizens. 

We understand when you shadow ban our Penthouse social pages when we dare to post gratuitous nudes. 

We understand you don’t like f and c bombs. 

And we understand that titchy tiny pink nipples offend you to the point you feel the need to censor them off your platforms.

But now, we’re drawing a line. 

Silencing an elected President from your vast array of platforms is a click and delete too far. 

Twitter’s egotistical leaders personified overreach when they decided to ban Donald Trump from the platform to promote his own brand of freedom, and barred him. Not for a few hours. Not for a few days, weeks or months. Forever, ‘we really, really mean this’ banned. Gonski. 

A private company decided to control a public space. Do you see the problem here? 

If you squeezed your big heads outside your sheltered echo chambers for just a few seconds, you would see that only 16 per cent of Republicans support this move. 

That’s a lot of really angry people who feel ignored right about now. 

Millions of people believe they’ve been duped and they’ve lost faith in you. 

Be warned, that’s a hell of a lot of rage. 

If you’re going to pretend not to be publishers in a bid to cunningly side-step restrictions, it may be wise to think this through a little more carefully. 

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make people hop from foot-to-foot crazy, it’s one-sided, selected bias. 

So, when you decided to slyly elect yourselves as the gatekeepers of permissible speech, you really should have considered your job description with more scrutiny. 

It may have been wise to ensure that you are not, in fact, acting like nothing more than a biased political protector. 

It is foolish to show one-sided restriction.

And, frankly, you should expect furious criticism. 

Even the Taliban’s official spokesperson still has a Twitter account. 

If you had a boss - which apparently you don’t - you would be fired. 

If you ran an establishment with a door policy which was purely a transparent woke agenda, barring right of centre voices while citing ‘hate speech’, it would be called out. 

If you only accuse one side of violence, it’s unfair.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is one of you, and even he recently tweeted that Big Tech is now the ‘de facto arbiter of free speech’.

When you banned elected president Donald Trump, you forgot the crucial difference between banning hate speech and banning speech you hate. 

We’re looking at all of you: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitch, Shopify, even the email provider that took it upon itself to bar the elected leader of the free world. 

The fact you had the nerve to literally pluck the phone from his hand concerns everyone who cares about freedom. 

It is fraudulent to claim that you are offering an arena for free speech and expression, but only ban those who you disagree with politically. Do you think we don’t notice?

Such suddenly convenient decisions have a nasty habit of giving your game away.  

People don’t like being deplatformed; it holds all the appeal of being snubbed at a social gathering. 

As Biden takes over, we may as well now wave goodbye to free speech on social media; he’s hardly going to take up the fight for freedom is he? 

Poor Joe is too tired to fight – and those of us with our eyes wide open can see precisely where this is all heading. 

We are angry. 

Sincerely, Penthouse Magazine