Opinion: Fragile Women Are An Embarrassment
Opinion|Sep 8, 2021

Opinion: Fragile Women Are An Embarrassment

Social Movements Rely On Women Being Weak, Writes Alexandra Marshall.
Alexandra Marshall

How deluded do you have to be to imagine that women are disadvantaged in a male- dominated industry? 

When a well-dressed blonde in high heels saunters into a room full of blokes she is many things, but at a ‘disadvantage’ is not one of them.

Cleopatra brought the Roman Empire to its knees – probably literally – armed with only a dusty rug. History would look very different if its women had been limp, #MeToo snowflakes. Cleopatra’s story terrifies modern feminists because they know sex outranks propaganda and biology will never bow to a hashtag.

Successful women are useless to activism. They’re difficult to control and uninterested in parasitic social movements.

The bureaucracy of victimhood worked very hard to cower the next generation of women in order to preserve their multimillion dollar activist industry. It was achieved by infesting our education system with an emotionally abusive message for young girls, routinely put into ‘special’ courses so they could catch up to boys. Gender segregation saddled impressionable minds with the assumption their gender made them less capable.

The difference between encouragement and social engineering is the desire for Utopian outcomes at the expense of the individual. So what if fewer women become engineers or politicians? In a free society, those that do will  be there because they want it. 

Instead, feminists have successfully monetised weakness – clambering over the bodies of women they taught to fail.

Unpicking this fictitious glass ceiling is easy, which is why the lie is defended by feminist mobs with so much metal bolted through their faces that only a magnet could find them attractive.

Feminists have successfully monetised weakness – clambering over the bodies of women they taught to fail

Modern activism has devolved into a rebellion against merit, staged by those who are either unable or unwilling to work. Driven by jealously, they subvert the natural structure of the market place – pleading with the government to give them positions. They like to point to normal variations in industry gender gaps created by free will and cry ‘oppression!’ These activists are too brainwashed 
to realise that unequal representation is a consequence of choice, while equal representation is a symptom of coercion.

Men and women make different choices with their careers. This is not an existential crisis for civilisation to fret over. 

So, why do activists concern themselves with what individuals choose to do with their lives? What actually matters is whether or not anyone is legally stopped from following a career by anything other than personal ability.

I gravitated toward a career in IT, accounts, stock management and AI databases. My job involved working with a lot of men – who miraculously transformed into gentlemen when I entered the room. I spent half my time insisting I was perfectly able to carry heavy computers up Pitt Street, only to find them delivered to the office by men endowed with manners.

Did they treat me the same as a bloke? No. 

Did they treat me badly? No. 

The secret to business is the way others behave toward you is largely dictated by the standard you keep. This toxic idea that the presence of men in the workforce somehow prevents women from entering it teaches girls to fail before they start. I’ve heard stories of women finishing their IT degree only to turn around and say, ‘There are so many men in the industry, I don’t think I can do it.’

Such lack of personal fortitude is sickening. These women are an embarrassment to the rest of us.

What happened to the power women of the Sixties? 
Young women have been manipulated into believing their value is dictated by their sex, all so that a few activists can shout their way into taxpayer-funded jobs in Australia’s morbidly obese bureaucracy. 

What the #MeToo movement wants is fragile women, bullied into subservience and the protective arms of the Big State.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have to put up with corporate HR departments simultaneously treating women as both eternal victims and office predators.

As a gender, women are screwed.