The Myth Of Untouchable Women
Opinion|Apr 19, 2022

The Myth Of Untouchable Women

Apparently, Women Can Now Behave As They Choose, Writes Corrine Barraclough.
Corrine Barraclough

If there's one toxic myth floating around in modern society that really gets my goat, it’s this fantasy that women as a collective are now untouchable. I’m talking about this utterly infuriating, bizarre suggestion that women must now ‘lean in’, bare and gnash their teeth, be as aggressive and rude as they fancy, and show nothing but disrespect towards a society that has supposedly failed them - all because they’ve suffered decades of wrongs.

It’s bollocks, frankly. 

I am not entitled to more than the next man (or woman) because women who went before me had to battle to be heard, get a vote, be taken seriously in boardrooms or be paid equally. Those wrongs of the past don’t give me some kind of magical gold VIP pass that enables me now to strut to the front of lines, cut all men up in traffic, take their jobs and sneer in their general direction with sheer distain. 

Yet, we see this playing out over and over and over again.

As the batton of Australian Of The Year (AOTY) was handed over on Australia Day - amidst the dull, predicable self-loathing around Australia as a nation - a fiasco kicked off because Grace Tame, who held the once-esteemed position last year, dissed our Prime Minister Scott Morrison. 

Now, I know there are many people who believe Tame has done important work during her year of holding the AOTY title. I’m not going to attack that. 

But the nonsense that burst into flames as a result of Tame’s immature dirty looks to Morrison needs to be challenged. 

If you switched off your social media, congratulations to you, you missed the first shit fight of 2022. 

The activist left are hell-bent on a war  against civility. They’re dedicated with a laser-like focus on making disrespect en vogue

She may be Grace by name, but she’s certainly not by nature. She’s a DisGrace, actually. 

Tame attended an AOTY breakfast at The Lodge and couldn’t even be bothered to look Morrison in the eye. Why? Because entitlement. 

She hurled a side eye, because public snubs caught on camera are valuable currency on Twitter. 

She snubbed Morrison’s wife Jenny’s handshake, because conservative women don’t deserve any respect. 

The ultimate sting of the myth of untouchable women? That women who have been wronged are, supposedly, given a free pass to treat any other human being however they like. If you’re a man, forget it, the aforementioned myth decries that you must now sacrifice all your rights. 

The ultimate VIP pass is dished out to women on the left of politics who have been wronged. Therefore, Tame tops the list.

According to the warped logic of the myth, it is absolutely acceptable for Tame to treat Morrison’s wife poorly. 

The activist left are hell-bent on a war against civility. They’re dedicated with a laser-like focus on making disrespect en vogue. 

This is an election year and Tame’s immature behaviour is a (side-eye) glimpse at the kind of transparent partisan, political games we’re about to witness.

We are in for the ABC, our supposed national broadcaster, wheeling out a giddy line of geese that can’t decide whether they loathe men, common sense or this country more. 

The moment we start excusing poor, childish behaviour from anyone, on either side of politics, is the end of society functioning. 

So, can we all play nice and stop with these teenage strops? It’s a step away from defacing moments on Australia Day, disrespecting our Anzacs, and trashing everything wonderful that this country actually  stands for. 

And as for AOTY, I say ditch it. Seldom are true Aussie battlers recognised for their hard work; it’s all gloss and hot air. Most of us couldn’t care less, and watching entitled, troublemaking princesses milk any opportunity to grab a flurry of headlines is hardly going to sway our opinion.