The Tiresome Woke Brigade Are Out Of Touch
Opinion|May 6, 2021

The Tiresome Woke Brigade Are Out Of Touch

The Twisted Priorities Of The Woke Mob Don't Represent Everyday People.
Corrine Barraclough

If you asked regular, down to earth people what their key concerns are as we push ahead into 2021, it’s safe to say the list would be extensive. But, it would not include fringe issues, women’s footwear, or petty language policing. 

Time and time again we see that the obsessions of the tiresome woke mob are utterly out of touch. 

In the US, while furious division threatened to rip the country into civil war, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proposed replacing gender-specific terms with gender-neutral alternatives in the text of a document called, ‘Rules of the House of Representatives’. 

While the country wavered on a knife-edge, someone believed a pressing priority was ensuring you could no longer be allowed to refer to ‘fathers’, ‘mothers’, ‘grandfathers’, ‘brothers’ or ‘sisters’. 

Such terms were replaced with ‘parents’, ‘child’, ‘sibling’ or ‘parents sibling’. 

I kid you not. 

Meanwhile, in Australia, science is being green washed, and history radically re-written. Left-wing activists are more obsessed with Change The Date than actual indigenous issues that are ruining and costing lives. The fact is, Australia was settled not invaded, but soon children will have no idea of that inconvenient truth, thanks to the magic of woke teaching. 

And thanks to the Paris Agreement, lessons in climate change and how to protest may soon be compulsory at schools all around the world. 

Very quietly, while everyone was distracted by the festive season, trying to catch a moment’s peace after a turbulent and trying year, a change was made to the wording of the Australian national anthem. Although the tweak may seem small and inoffensive enough, the bigger issue that many appear to miss is that the PC woke beast will never be satisfied. It is insatiable. 

The furore over Vogue’s Kamala Harris cover is case in point. 

You would imagine there would be praise for Vogue magazine put the incoming Vice-President on the cover. 

But, what did they get?Anger. 

Red-hot fury bubbled over the cover, which was intended to portray Harris as “accessible”, according to the magazine’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. 

But rather than enjoy the cover, it was slammed as “racist” and “sexist” in a disrespectful and demeaning way. 

Harris is smiling in the cover image, wearing a black jacket, tight jeans, along with trademark pearls and Converse sneakers. 

If taking offence hadn’t become a global obsession, one might imagine the purpose was to reflect her accurately rather than towing along with the dated notion that women must wear heels or glimmering ball gowns. 

Aren’t we meant to be all about smashing stereotypes, after all?

Isn’t it progressive to judge a powerful woman on her brain rather than her footwear?

The photographer, Tyler Mitchell, was the first black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover when he shot Beyonce in 2018 and is well known for his informal pictures. 

But, hey, don’t let that stand in the way of a good whinge. The eternally dissatisfied woke mob claimed it was a “mess”. 

The Washington Post’s senior critic-at-large Robin Givhan said, “The cover did not give Kamala D Harris due respect. It was overly familiar.”

Since when was it “overly familiar” to reflect how someone truly is? 

Still, Anna Wintour buckled and announced it would replace the cover. 

So, in 2021, Twitter crazies now edit Vogue. 

Woke is toxic – and it’s exhaustingly out of touch. 

Everyday people are too busy running around multi-tasking to keep their heads above water to care about language policing, changing the name of a cheese (Coon to Cheer, FFS), or an elected official wearing Converse. 

All this rubbish is woke at  its worst. 

Buckle up; we’re in for an exhausting four years.