Covid Capitalism And Vaccine Communism
Politics|Apr 19, 2022

Covid Capitalism And Vaccine Communism

COVID Vaccines Are Not A Victory Of The Capitalist Market; They’re A Cautionary Tale Of Communism’s Eternal Failure.
Alexandra Marshall

Capitalism gave us COVID vaccines!’ is the lie we hear endlessly from government lobbyists trying to justify billions of taxpayer dollars spent on Big Pharma’s disappointing vaccines.

If Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna were operating in a truly capitalist environment, they would have been left on the shelf or returned amid a storm of angry customer reviewers. When one packet of frozen fruit puts an unsuspecting shopper in hospital, every supermarket in the country is stripped of the product. Vaccine companies are one of the only manufacturers in the world allowed to maim customers in service of ‘the greater good’.

In a capitalist environment, pharmaceutical companies would market vaccines directly to the public who then pay for them in a private transaction. Instead of relying on political lobbyists, this forces Big Pharma to compete on merit in a free market where people can openly criticise or refuse the purchase.

Free markets result in bad products being sent back for re-design, and good products – even if they are from a comparatively tiny competitor – rising to the top. Capitalism creates quality in the same way evolution gave us opposable thumbs.

What the world has right now is Vaccine Communism.

This is a closed-market system where customers are legislated by a variety of government orders, mandates, and threats to take a vaccine that’s pre-purchased for them with taxpayer money. Their choice of vaccine is determined by Big Pharma lobbyists and government contracts.

AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer have been going from government to government, locking them into secretive contracts.

Many countries are in a situation where they are sitting on millions of doses of soon-to-expire vaccines that have to be offloaded onto the population, regardless of growing safety concerns. 

In other words, Big Pharma is the only drug dealer in town and they get to set the terms.

Brazil has famously accused Pfizer of holding them to ransom. Their government is required to give legal protection to the US pharmaceutical company in the event of side effects.

Capitalism creates quality in the same way evolution gave us opposable thumbs

Astonishingly, their hundred million-dose contract stipulates that Brazil will cede to secretly convened US courts, while both Brazil and Argentina have been forced to use sovereign assets as collateral to protect Pfizer.

All major vaccine companies made billions off forced subscription to their products. Without true competition, they have been able to price-fix and sell regardless of harm caused. When governments fail to protect Big Pharma’s reputation, Silicon Valley steps in to erase criticism and disappear the people who posted it. 

This power dynamic puts governments in a position where it’s in their interest to manipulate health information and hide adverse reactions to protect vaccine manufacturers. 

When a better vaccine tries to enter the market, its approval is held up by so-called ‘independent’ bodies partly funded by vaccine competitors. Even if vaccine-hesitant customers wanted to buy a dose of Novavax (which is meant to be in line with public health orders), they can’t because it conflicts with corporate contracts.

Communist-style economics is exactly why COVID vaccines have ended up with the worst safety profile of any modern medicine. They are orders of magnitude more dangerous than the childhood vaccines Australia’s mainstream press casually compare them to.

The industry that created mRNA vaccines openly admitted at a forum a year before COVID that without government interference, mRNA vaccines would never make it to market. They require intervention because they are not a desirable product. There’s a good reason for that – they’re not ready.

Traditional vaccines like Novavax, which have superior safety profiles and efficacy rates, should have outpaced mRNA vaccines. Demand for them is high, but savvy lobbyists and members of the political class did deals under the table to keep them out. 

New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard accidentally belled the cat when he said no one would be allowed to wait for Novavax because ‘the state was awash with Pfizer’.

Does this sound like ‘science’ – or business?

“In the context of bilateral negotiations, Pfizer has no intention of interfering with any country’s diplomatic, military, or culturally significant assets,” read a statement from Pfizer. That’s reassuring. What’s not reassuring is that the question had to be asked.

Big Pharma has a meaningful relationship with the Australian government – one the public is not allowed to question. 

Let’s at least be honest about what’s going on. COVID vaccines are not a victory of the capitalist market; they’re a cautionary tale of communism’s eternal failure, which rewards bureaucracy at the expense of merit.