Interview: "I'm The Wrong Kind Of Woman For The ABC!"
Opinion|Apr 27, 2021

Interview: "I'm The Wrong Kind Of Woman For The ABC!"

Eva Pears Talks To Penthouse About Women In Politics And Bias Against The 'Wrong Type Of Women'.
Corrine Barraclough

Eva Pears is running as the candidate for Upper Hunter 2021 election. Here, she talks to Penthouse about women in politics, bias against the ‘wrong type of women’ and why the Liberal Democrats appealed to her.

Your family has lived in the Hunter region for several generations. How important is this area to you?

Very. Both sides of my family, my mum and my dads, have lived in this area for generations. There’s a lot of cross over between the Upper Hunter and Lower Hunter. I now live by the entrance to the harbour, so all the coal they dig up is exported out through the harbour where I am. I do want to say that I believe in clean coal, it should all be sanitised.

What do you see as the key issues facing the Upper Hunter right now?

Coal! Preserving the coal industry around here, basically. The area has been hit so hard economically over recent years. A lot of people up here feel forgotten by the NSW government. That’s what a lot of people are telling me. Look at issues like the Singleton Bypass and the way that’s been handled. It’s essentially bypassing a community and will cut them off economically. It’s no wonder people here feel ignored and let down.

Why Liberal Democrats?

I went to LaTrobe University as a mature student to do a Bachelor of Arts including Sociology and Anthropology. Very quickly, I started to question some of the required reading. For instance, one section of my course, ‘The making of the Western World’, I hoped would be a great introduction to lots of key thinkers, but we studied Freud and Marx. That was it. I soon realised that my tutor was a member of the Socialist Alliance. I did my own reading, submitted my own essays and I was repeatedly flunked. I realised it was all about brainwashing. I studied Classical Liberalism myself, and then I found Liberal Democrats. They’re the closest to my political beliefs. I was previously a member of Fiona Pattern’s Sex Party in 2009 but I didn’t like that it was a single issue party; I wanted a more philosophical, broad church. As far as government getting out of people’s lives and people’s bedrooms, I still align with that.

I read that you believe that the left-right binary is an outmoded system of governance, why do you say that?

People’s understanding of the right has been that it’s more conservative element and values free markets. The left has been more focused on a more collectivist worker. But all of that’s become blurred. They’re indistinguishable now. Both of the two major parties have merged into authoritarian beasts, and they both want to expand the power of the State.

I also read that you have “zero interest in securing political power for yourself.” That’s refreshing…

I am very private person. I’m very anti authoritarian in my private life, and I try to practice what I preach. I don’t enjoy telling people what to do, so getting involved in politics is a bit of a weird paradox. But in 2021, after all that happened with COVID, I felt this was the right time to throw my hat in the ring. It was a hard decision. I’m a small fish in a sea of big piranhas. It’s my name and my face out there. My family have expressed their support and also their doubts. Newcastle has a very small town feel. When I moved back from Melbourne in 2016 and people found out I was a Trump supporter, I lost every single one of my friends. It was tough but I figured, it was better to work out who is capable of putting their political beliefs aside from a friendship. It was all a massive temper tantrum, it happened all around the world. Now cancel culture has become endemic in our society, people are finally waking up. But my political epiphany was in 2012, I was ranting them about the looming culture war when I was at University 2011-2014, and now here we are.

You’re keen on pushing “greater accountability” for the Berejiklian government. How much do you think the Upper Hunter region has suffered as a result of decisions made by the Berejiklian government? Can you give me some specific examples…

The lockdown! Having to lock down small communities that were already suffering economically has been a disaster. They had to lock down as a result of how the Ruby Princess was handled. The government basically say they’ll look into themselves, and then say someone was naughty. I think the public want greater accountability, and I think we’d get that with an independent inquiry.

How much of a problem is Matt Kean, NSW energy minister?

Let’s just say I’m not keen! This guy wants to have zero emissions by 2030. That would mean mining jobs, and the local industries they support, would be decimated.

You’ve worked in fashion retail management, what did that teach you?

Never pay retail! Also, the customer is not always right. If you work in any kind of government affiliated role, don’t join the Union, and if you dare to question Unionism, you will be a pariah.

What do you make of this narrative that the Morrison government has a ‘women problem’?

My response to that is, the ABC reporting has completely ignored my candidacy. They seem to have this attitude that I’m a nothing burger. I’ve had to fact check the ABC; they’re intent on criticising for having a women problem, but then they ignore me! If I was running for Labour or the Greens, they’d be all over me. But to the ABC and left media, I’m the wrong type of woman, which is ironic because I live the most feminist lifestyle. I’ve made my own money. I don’t rely on anyone else. I’m educated. I put myself through University. I’m completely independent. But I’m invisible to those greenie-left circles. How can they say they’re all for diversity and independence, but then cut out women who fit the bill except politically? Its just hypocrisy.