Make War Great Again: The Chilling New World Order
Opinion|Apr 29, 2021

Make War Great Again: The Chilling New World Order

Joe Biden's Presidency Has Only Just Begun And It's Already Chilling, Writes Brendan O'Neill.
Brendan O'Neill

Washington, DC, capital of the free world, is under military occupation. 

Seven thousand troops of the National Guard patrol the streets, their eyes peeled for trouble, guns at the ready. 

This unprecedented swarming of American soldiers into an American city is necessary because there’s a “heightened threat environment”, says the Department of Homeland Security.

Enemies lurk everywhere, apparently. Dastardly people with nasty views are in the shadows, waiting to pounce.

Who are these enemies? An al-Qaeda-style movement plotting another 9/11-style atrocity? An invading army? 

Nope, it’s Americans. It’s Trump supporters; people with right-wing views.

Troops patrol the capital of America to protect it from Americans.

We’re living through the revenge of the elites. The old, technocratic, Hillary-style establishment that was swept aside by the vote for Trump in 2016 is back in power.

They plan to stamp their authority across America and visit vengeance upon unwoke critics, anyone who is a little too libertarian, unruly plebs who backed Trump.

Don’t buy Joe Biden’s guff about “unity” – we’re heading for a terrifying new era of authoritarianism and cancellation.

The National Guard has been deployed in America before. Sixteen times, to be precise.

But those deployments were about tackling specific acts of mass violence, like the Detroit riots of 1967 or LA riots of 1992.

What’s happening today is very different. There’s no violence in Washington, DC. Yet there are troops, day in, day out.

The justification for their presence is the riot on 6 January, when some stupid pro-Trump people stormed the Capitol building and caused a couple of hours of mayhem, leading to five deaths.

Nothing has happened since and there’s no hard proof anything is about to happen. 

The real reason the National Guard is in DC is to be a show of force for the Biden administation.

For all the mad talk about the Capitol riot being an attempted coup (see Myanmar for a real coup), in truth it was an opportunistic lashing-out by pissed-off Trump-lovers.

The real reason the National Guard is in DC is to be a show of force for the Biden administration
administration. A physical, military reminder that woke elites are back in charge.

The Capitol riot has given rise to a mad outburst of woke McCarthyism.

The liberal-elite hysteria over ‘domestic terrorists’, over an enemy within that apparently threatens to unravel the republic itself, has eerie echoes of the McCarthyism of the 1950s, even Maoist purges in the 1960s.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other hip, irritating politicians are at the forefront, whipping up frenzy about domestic terrorists.

To some of these new McCarthyites, domestic terrorism seems to include everyone from over-keen Trump supporters to people who are pro-Second Amendment.

Former CIA director John Brennan has cheered Biden for his promised crusade against “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians”.

Libertarians? Religious extremists? Would that include people who are passionately pro-life? As for bigots – these days the word bigot is used to refer not only to actual racist scumbags but anyone who thinks that if you have a penis you’re a bloke. 

Glenn Greenwald says the elite’s threatened clampdown on extremists could “essentially criminalise any oppositional ideology to the ruling class”. He’s right.

We’re witnessing a smackdown of anyone whose beliefs run counter to the hyper-woke authoritarianism of the new rulers of the free world. 

Biden has clearly signalled he is a disciple of the cult of identitarianism.

He’s signed an executive order insisting born males must have the right to take part in women’s sports. He has said pandemic relief funds will be given to minority-owned businesses first. He supports the dangerous nonsense of Critical Race Theory, which says all whites are racist and all blacks are victims.

This is the divide-and-rule politics of the vengeful establishment. They will deploy this divisive politics to punish the populists who dared to keep them out of power for four years.

Criticise them, you’ll be branded a bigot. Challenge their cult of genderfluidity, you’ll be called a transphobe. Stand up for family values or traditional religious ideas, you’ll be written off as an extremist.

You’ll become part of the enemy within.

Just a few weeks into Biden’s rule the political climate is chilling. Those 7000 troops in DC? They’re the military wing of political correctness.