Opinion: Race Is All The Rage
Opinion|Jul 7, 2021

Opinion: Race Is All The Rage

Breaking Individuals Down Into Identity Groups Isn't The Answer, Writes Alexandra Marshall.
Alexandra Marshall

Society has gone from considering references to race as a mark of rudeness, to demanding that it usurp the personality of the individual. 

Colour has replaced merit in the expanding identity quota system where appearance is used as a qualification for employment in a violation of everything Western Enlightenment taught us about progress.

Disguised as activism, the causal use of ‘black’ and ‘white’ in the social landscape is a re-used feature of class collectivism. Repetition subtly divides the population with a simple language trick, coercing a previously coherent society into confrontational sides. While individuals are responsible for their own actions, groups can be saddled with collective guilt, which is then used to emotionally manipulate individuals into handing over things like money or even basic civil rights.

Once achieved, this division is extremely difficult to fix – which is why smarter generations insisted we drop race from the conversation and exclude it from hiring practices. As Morgan Freeman replied when asked how he would end racism, “Stop talking about it. I am going to stop calling you a ‘white man’ and I am going to ask you to stop calling me a ‘black man’.”

Acknowledging skin colour in private is perfectly normal within a multicultural nation. Heritage is something that interests our species because we are both social and migratory. It is not a symptom of systemic racism. Humans instinctively use physical attributes to recognise the origin of tribes. The curiosity is ancient, and not necessarily malevolent. Essentially, human appearance acts as a social map of the world. Despite modern globalism, it largely holds true.

Let us clear up the obvious misunderstanding; there is only one human race. There were others, but we either killed or shagged them out of existence. Upon sighting a Neanderthal or Denisovan you would quickly disabuse yourself of the modern narrative surrounding race. Humanity’s lost races exist solely as genetic ghosts in our biology.

At best, modern humans are divided into demes or clines, not races. As AronRa says in the Systematic Classification of Life, human beings are one of the most genetically similar of all species.

Our cultural differences greatly outweigh physical variations. What we write off as superficial racism is usually a clash of incompatible cultural norms, including within a society of shared ancestry. We are frequently threatened by each other’s gods, values, customs and laws. Even our political systems exist in fierce regional competition, trapping people in wars that last thousands of years.

Those who divide people into ‘white’ and ‘black’ do so purely for political advantage at the expense of civil harmony

It is absurd to break this complex history down into the inaccurate political notion of ‘black’ and ‘white’. Neither of these represent a coherent ethnic group of humans. Those who divide people into ‘white’ and ‘black’ do so purely for political advantage at the expense of civil harmony.

Because there is no true division by colour, there is also no possible resolution to the toxic rhetoric of race supremacists and ideological collectivists. This sort of politics makes people angry – whether they are falsely accused of the historic sins of their pigmentation, or told they are owed compensation for crimes they never suffered.

Black Lives Matter is a political movement based on racial supremacy. The last time the world saw a collectivist ideology built on race worship this extreme was Hitler’s National Socialism. Fundamentally Marxist, their goal is to split countries by race and incite them into violence. The resulting civil conflict creates a vacuum in the existing power structure which is filled by political activists.

Breaking individuals down into identity groups promises increased social influence, but in reality it robs them of their constitutional protections leaving citizens as casualties of mob rule.

Instead of recognising the rise of Black Lives Matter as a threat to peace, naive politicians and predatory bureaucrats have joined forces to support them, hoping to ride the wave of social media popularity that often surrounds truly terrible ideas. The George Floyd riots are only the beginning. If criminals can be deified to conceal the truth of this movement, imagine what they will do next.

How long before the blindfold is ripped off Justice and the courts are forced to embrace gender and race quotas in the pursuit of social justice?

Collectivism really should have given up. It was humanity’s most insidious ideology that underpinned the most deadly political movements in the past 200 years. Now, it’s back with several mutated strains running unchecked across the globe.

If you are not sure how to spot one of these ideological infestations, look for those keen to identify as a swatch on a paint chart, or a social media account adorned with pronouns.

These are the people who lack the courage to simply be human.