Patient Zero: Something Has Gone Wrong With The World
Politics|Apr 12, 2021

Patient Zero: Something Has Gone Wrong With The World

How long will we allow politicians to harvest our liberty for their personal power?
Alexandra Marshall

At the close of the Cold War, we were coasting along nicely. Nuclear weapons were inactive. Twin existential monsters of global conflicts were safely buried or, in the case of Communism, contained to a scattering of foreign regimes. Regional scuffles posed no realistic danger to international security.

While America acted as the planet’s police force, nations’ behaved themselves. Capitalist democracies, underpinned by liberty, stood unchallenged.

Today, the West finds itself bedridden with rising authoritarianism.

Covid has amplified ideological strife. Censorship. The banning of protests. Political militia with medical mandate. Thought crime. Social media subversion. Erosion of civil liberty under misappropriated emergency legislation. Reckless political leaders glued to camera lenses. Citizens begging the State to tie them up… all signs the West has a serious case of Marxism.

Marxism has gone from the filthiest slur to the ‘moral high ground’ so fast that commentators struggle to understand how it happened.

In Western nations, ground zero for the outbreak can be traced back to French intellectuals in the sixties, where people like Jacques Derrida re-branded Cultural Marxism into Post Modernism. Their philosophical works directly attacked the merit of Western thought – deconstructing successful wisdom.

The clueless were rewarded.

Post Modernism’s Marxism shifted class wars into the conflict of oppression. Social Justice was created to cleave society into oppressors and victims; this thinking is toxic to harmonious civilisation.

Naive citizens sell their liberty on the cheap to politicians who promise safety.

In order to perpetrate Marxism’s traditional mass theft of liberty and property, the movement had to justify its terrorism with emotion. Enter streets full of people screaming at the sky and fear mongering politicians.

To understand why Marxism is on the rise globally, we need to acknowledge the world is no longer a collection of independent sovereign states with laws created by ministers, implemented by courts, and watched closely by citizens. Above these nations sits a layer of bureaucracy comprised of unelected officials with suspect character and political motivation creating mandates that supersede democracy. The most prominent of these is the United Nations; further broken down into dozens of subsidiaries such as the World Trade Organisation and World Health Organisation. These are joined by inter-country alliances with their own bureaucracies.

Together they create a quasi-global government whose authority is difficult for nations to challenge. Surrounding these pencil pushers are billionaire political individuals like George Soros.

These entities are responsible for digging Marxism out of its shallow grave and inflicting it on the West.

Expanding the membership of the United Nations shifted the balance of power from liberal democracies to Marxist nations, dictatorships, and those who could be bought by China’s debt-trapping policies. The bureaucratic dominion is riddled with individuals like António Guterres, Secretary General of the UN, also a member of the Portuguese Socialist Party. His Deputy, Amina Jane Mohammed, was part of the All Progressives Congress, which was admitted as a consultative member to Socialist International. Volkan Bozkır, President of the 75th UN General Assembly, is a member of the Justice and Development Party of Turkey.

The European Commission is no better. Jean-Claude Juncker takes ‘champagne socialist’ cliché to the extreme, stumbling between private jets. Even leaders of Western nations find themselves with Socialists at the helm. New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern was elected president of the International Socialist Youth. Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, also de facto leader of the European Union, was part of the official Communist youth movement Free German Youth sponsored by the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. Even the American Democrat Party is infested with hardcore Communists Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who label themselves ‘Democratic Socialists’ while supporting the Green New Deal and violent Marxist movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

What do they want? The same thing socialists have always wanted – an international socialist state. They desire a planet without borders where ‘global citizens’ fall under the singular control of their bureaucracies. Then, Marxists can pass whatever doctrines they like to funnel immense wealth into their pockets while restricting freedoms and economic prosperity of everyone beneath them.

This is why we have The Global Compact for Migration centred around infinite illegal migration from the third world into the first. It is why the World Economic Forum has signed up influential corporations to the apocalyptic ‘Great Reset’ venture of annihilating private property in exchange for a Communist utopia.

Considering a good portion of this authoritarian mess started in France, it’s interesting French President Emmanuel Macron might be one of the first to break free. Mass migration inadvertently sparked an old ideological war between France and Islam. France bore the brunt of the Islamic caliphates. Statues of French heroes who pushed this incompatible, totalitarian ideology out of the nation, line its streets. Some politicians wanted to take them down because they might offend new arrivals, but when migrants began slaughtering French citizens, Macron renewed the spirit of French liberty.

Human political systems are incompatible with each other; global governance triggers war – not peace.

Fear remains the most powerful tool in the arsenal of authoritarians.

Naive citizens sell their liberty on the cheap to politicians who promise safety.

The real question now is: how long will we allow politicians to harvest our liberty for their personal power?