Pushing Positive Discrimination
Politics|Dec 20, 2021

Pushing Positive Discrimination

"History Is Very Clear On One Thing: Discrimination Is Never Virtuous," Writes Alexandra Marshall.
Alexandra Marshall

I have long been a critic of the Doomsday Clock. For the uninitiated, the Doomsday Clock is the product of paranoid hysteric convinced that civilisation exists on the knife-edge of disaster. In a few seconds, these lazy decades of indulgence will strike ‘midnight’ and instead of drinking and fireworks, humanity is supposed to collapse in on itself.

The apocalyptic timepiece began its life at seven minutes to midnight in 1947 with a group of geniuses who survived two world wars and then decided ‘oh now the world is ending’.

In reality, humans are pretty good at coasting through natural disasters. If anything is going to ‘get us’, it’ll be a self-inflicted wound. Biology made us exceptional survivors, but our social structures have warranty issues. Leave humanity sitting around without an existential crisis for too long and we’ll create a disaster to break up the boredom of safety.

As a species, we crave the drama of calamity. Our literature is an endless worship of heroes and their eternal war against evil.

The Wuhan sniffle has given a directionless generation the power to be heroes without leaving the comfort of their bedroom. All that’s required is a quick stab in the arm 
and suddenly their lacklustre existence is elevated to an act of stunning bravery. Triple masked with a fresh set of needles in their online bio, these kids enter the fight against wicked freedom-loving ‘fascists’.

Listening to the woke promote discrimination and segregation has to be peak irony for this era in human history. The pointy tip of hypocrisy hides dangerous slopes full of ice and treacherous falls on all sides. Australia arrived at this summit after a long ascent into madness.

Marxism is a piece of ideological malware accidentally downloaded over a century ago. Since then it has mutated inside our civilisation, spreading through skim soy lattes and indecipherable social science courses attended by youths wearing dozens of tiny badges protesting consumerism. 

Listening to the woke promote discrimination and segregation has to be peak irony for this era in human history

It is the catalyst most likely to set that midnight bell ringing.

Affirmative action. Positive discrimination. Quota systems.

Call them whatever you like, at their core they are a vengeful act of discrimination dressed up as virtue. The idea is to stop treating people as individuals based on merit and instead rank them via a system of ‘protected characteristics’.

This translates to an employer hiring a less qualified person because they share a skin pigmentation with a previously persecuted group. Mandatory diversity is not based on logic.

People of European descent have been conquered, killed, displaced, erased, culturally abused, enslaved, starved and  persecuted. Now, they are being punished for surviving.

Social systems evolve over time. Female equality was a positive step. They won the argument and, for a second or two, women entered the workforce under the power of personal merit.

Equality of choice does not mean equality of outcome. When women failed to choose ‘the right professions’ activist movements decided to cry ‘sexism!’ instead of filling out job application forms. These political movements weaponised race, gender, and sexual orientation for the purpose of election.

“Are you a woman who failed at STEM in university? You must be a victim of the patriarchy. Vote for us and we’ll give you a job, no matter how shit you are.”

Infantilising women disgusted those who earned their position.

Positive discrimination was adopted by Liberal and Labor, padding their factional games with quotas. Not satisfied with destroying the presumption of merit within their candidates, they mandated discrimination in the Australian workforce by placing pressure on companies to ‘equalise’ their gender and race statistics.

Forget hiring people who suit the job, you’ve got to hire people that ‘look right’ in a painfully shallow reflection of everything that’s gone wrong with society.

Once discrimination is accepted as a positive activity,’ it is easy to extend. Barely an eyelash was batted when state premiers came out and declared that segregation of the unvaccinated would become mandatory. They encouraged medical discrimination for the common good and criminalised diversity.

Australians have been taught to view themselves as a range of identities. Protecting the status of the collective at the expense of the individual is exactly how we ended up with witch burning, genocide, and apartheid.

History is very clear on one thing: discrimination is never virtuous.

Those who engage in it are remembered as the villains, not the heroes of the human story. Remember that the next time you watch someone turned away from a shop or dragged off by police because they didn’t have their papers in order.