Unherd: Truth Knows No Fear Or Concern For Popularity
Opinion|Apr 22, 2021

Unherd: Truth Knows No Fear Or Concern For Popularity

Politicising The Weather May Be The Most Ridiculous Thing That This Century Is Remembered For.
Alexandra Marshall

Talking about the weather used to be the last recourse of a failed seduction. It marked the absence of wit or a futile attempt to delay an awkward silence.

Now, the weather has infested our conversation with fanatical theatrics and garish threats. We are awash with phrases designed to turn a beautiful summer’s day into hysteria with children bursting into tears instead of happily toddling off to the beach.

This delusional behaviour, cheered on by social climbers, has left Australia saddled with a generation of frightened serfs. The whole place has become a rabble of peasants offering up gold, children and trinkets to angry sky gods under threat of imminent (yet conveniently ambiguous) destruction.

While we were waiting to be smited, China chucked covid into the mix and the World Economic Forum started chanting about a ‘technological pandemic’ – whatever that is. At this point, you can pick your preferred apocalypse from a smorgasbord of terror. So long as you are shitting yourself, politicians are happy.

Fear is easily taxed. Fortunes have been amassed under the cover of ‘saving the world’. The leaders who preside over these trillion-dollar coffers assure us that their moral superiority gives them the power to make it rain. Stop the tides. Vanquish a virus. Outlaw extinction. Heck, they can even decarbonise the world! (Although that isn’t a great idea if you identify as a carbon based life form.)

Marxism's cult of Climate Change shadows over our nation, demanding the same damn thing.

This green extortion is quite a feat considering most Australians are more likely to hand their credit card details over to a love-struck Saudi Prince than a politician. Regardless, 2020 has proved itself to be the year of stupid. We have ceded our dignity, liberty and wallets to professional bureaucrats also known as experts in institutionalised incompetency. In return, they have threatened to take away our cars and directed us to stand on little coloured dots with an ominous loudspeaker in the background barking at us to accept the ‘new normal’. High above, the conspicuous ruling class pick out forests from an inflight menu to offset their private jet guilt.

There is a reason for this lunacy.

In an environment of fear, humans start to worship things. Our minds are bound by the frantic need to bargain our way out of mortality. Politicians exploit this vulnerability by manufacturing apocalypses that only they can save us from. It is an emotional trick that convinces otherwise rational people to cower in the shadow of tyrants. Ask Melbourne, they’re experts when it comes to acts of political self-harm.

Climate change is a political religion in desperate need of validity to underscore its promises of annihilation. In the absence of visible hellfire, its priests – I mean politicians – need shiny graphs and illegible data that may as well be a Latin Bible presented to an illiterate population.

As a consequence, science has been cornered by predatory authorities. She is a noble creation, raped so many times over the centuries that when the United Nations came knocking, there was no resistance to the horror. Hush money changed hands. The punishment for refusing to endorse extinction sandwich boards became bankruptcy and obscurity – censorship sold in the interest of ‘public safety’.

‘The science is settled.’ It’s the line repeated ad nauseam by politicians unaware that science is the spirit of eternal questioning. Science is not a belief system to be invoked and recited as an untouchable, unquestionable dogma.

We cannot allow history to repeat itself with science politicised and monetised by the rich and powerful. If we are to dismantle civilisation over a theory then that theory should undergo severe scrutiny. ‘Climate Change’ must be racked, drawn, dismembered, and examined. Truth has no fear of questions or concern for popularity. Only nervous political reputations and fragile lies create cults of consensus to protect themselves from inconvenient facts.

For thousands of years, religion forced science to kneel in apology for causing offence to the gods. Marxism’s cult of Climate Change shadows over our nation, demanding the same damn thing. Remember, real science never says, ‘Believe the science’. It says, ‘Challenge me – go on – I dare you to prove me wrong!’