Style Icon: How To Dress Like Jeff Goldblum
Film & TV|May 10, 2021

Style Icon: How To Dress Like Jeff Goldblum

For Graceful Yet Cool Looks That Will Turn Heads, Look No Further Than Jeff Goldblum
Penthouse Staff

Jeff Goldblum is one of those actors who manages to carry that little sprinkling of stardust just as much off-screen as he does on it.

Putting the images of a human turning into a fly to one side, he has become somewhat of a beacon for how to be that little bit more edgy and daring well into your later years.

For a man that was born in 1952 (yes, that makes him 68 years old), he manages to carry off imaginative ensembles with effortless ease, with an added dose of that extrovert thespian. 

Whether he is sporting a colourful tux for a new premiere or getting a little bit more casual and playful on the Los Angeles sidewalks, Goldblum has his own unique, and unequivocally cool, slant on the perfect dress code.

There is a youthfulness to everything he wears, thanks in large part to his slim, 1.97m figure that helps him out when he dons slim-cut denim with hand made leather Italian footwear.  

But whereas Goldblum may like to mix it up in terms of his threads, there is always one statement piece that he just couldn’t be seen without. Those thick, black-rimmed glasses that the man has crow-barred into just about every look of his for the past 30 years. Chunky frames are as synonymous with Mr Goldblum as they are Mr Orbison. And they never look out of place.

So, for a graceful yet daring look that will keep heads turning well into your 60s, look no further than Jeff Goldblum for someone experienced in imaginative inspiration.