Women’s Rights Are Over Under The Taliban
News|Aug 18, 2021

Women’s Rights Are Over Under The Taliban

It Took Decades For Progress To Be Made And Two Days For It To Fall.
Corrine Barraclough

The Taliban are back in power in Afghanistan.

This foul mob has vowed to “respect women’s rights” and forgive those who have resisted them over the last two decades, by siding with the West.  

We would be foolish to believe that their words offer any hope.

Rule under the Taliban in the 1990s was brutal, and there’s no reason to believe they will take a higher road now.

Those hectic, chaotic scenes we have been seeing at the airport are because desperate Afghan people are fleeing the Taliban, and they’re attempting to escape from Sharia Law.

Even in the latest media conference, the Taliban spokesman said they will respect women’s rights… under Sharia Law. This basically means women have no rights.

Ominously, the Taliban spokesman didn’t outline specifics of what life would now look like for women and girls, rather he implied that people should already know the rules and will be expected to follow them.

The fear is, and it’s totally justifiable fear considering what we’ve seen from the Taliban in the past, is that all the gains made for women and girls over the last two decades will be undone.

It took decades for progress to be made; heartbreakingly, it took just two days for it to fall.


Under Sharia, women:

  • Must stay inside their homes.
  • Must be accompanied by a male guardian.
  • Must not show their faces.
  • Must wear a burqa.
  • Are not allowed to wear makeup or jewellery.
  • Must not “speak unless spoken to”.
  • Are not allowed to make eye contact with men.
  • Must not laugh in public.
  • Girls are forbidden from attending school.
  • Women are forbidden from working.
  • If found guilty of adultery, women will be stoned to death.


Under Taliban rule last time, restrictions on women were severe; there were public stonings and amputations before the US-led invasion drew a line after the September 11 attacks in 2001.

The simple fact is: Sharia Law is not compatible with women’s rights; it is one or the other.

Life under this barbaric regime is not democracy.

Rather, it is inherently anti-women.

It is anti human rights.

And, it is anti-free speech.

Women stand no chance of being treated as equal human beings; this is the absolute definition of misogyny.

There are reports that sub-commanders are instructing that mothers can’t keep daughters at home once they turn eighteen, it is considered a sin and they must be married off.

Mind you, considering that Taliban leaders are already compiling lists of girls over the age of 15, it seems unlikely that any will be afforded the luxury of remaining at home until they turn 18.

Instead, they face the prospect of being married off to Taliban fighters who are promised multiple wives in return for their service.

So, don’t be fooled into seeing any hope when they say they are “committed to the rights of women within the framework of Sharia”. Rather, see that as a promise to women and girls about precisely how hideous, brutal and harsh their new lives will be.