3 Tips To Make Your Next 69 a Successful One
Sex|Aug 17, 2021

3 Tips To Make Your Next 69 a Successful One

Want to Start A Heated Debate? Ask People How They Feel About 69s.
Amie Wee

There is no fence-sitting, only face-sitting, when it comes to the infamous 69 position. People either love or hate 69s with a fiery passion. There’s never an in-between.

In theory, a 69 has all the elements of a damn good time. After all, it is the only sexual position that, at least in theory, is equally pleasurable for both parties. A 69 has the potential to be the absolute height of intimacy as you can’t physically get much closer to each other. It’s the only position where your attentions are entirely focused on pleasuring each other—which is mostly due to the fact that you’re headlocked between another person’s legs.

Sure, the 69 can be awkward and requires a bit of coordination. And, yes, the word “sixty-nine” is the butt of the joke, eliciting smirks everywhere it’s name-dropped. But the 69 gets an undeserved bad rap, if you ask us. Here are three things to consider the next time you wine, dine and 69.

1. Communication

Firstly, there is a lot of choreography involved in pulling off a successful 69 position. Even just getting into position can be a challenge, as you become a nude tangle of sweaty limbs, heads crammed between thighs and mouths hunting genitals, while you try to avoid a stiff limb to the eyeball. The number one key to a successful 69 is to have good oral skills—of the verbal variety. If you can’t communicate during a 69, you’re metaphorically screwed. Communication is going to help you get into a position that feels good for both of you, rather than feeling like your head is a pimple on the brink of bursting from the thighs that have it in a vise-like grip while you’re being slapped in the face with an angry pool noodle.

2. Experiment

The key to smashing a 69 is experimenting with what works for you and your partner. Change it up with who goes on top and who’s on the bottom. If positioning yourself like an oral sex sandwich isn’t working for you, try rolling onto your sides and top and tailing each other. Trying different positions will allow you to not only find a 69 compromise that works for each of you, but it also gives you the opportunity to explore each other’s body from new angles, potentially introducing you to new hot spots. The 69 is also a great position for you to expand your oral game. Mouths and tongues can offer a wide variety of sensations that your genitals can’t compete with. Take the time to explore the nether regions in front of you as you lick, flick, blow, suck, nibble and kiss until you have your partner talking in tongues.

3. Arrange Backup

It’s a fact that you’re more likely to have someone accidentally fart in your face than you are to have an orgasm during a 69. Especially if you’re of contrasting heights or size, and you’re trying to orgasm while your neck is crunched forward for an eternity, or you’re on top and you’re giving head while doing some kind of demented crotch headstand, while you both aim for that movie-style simultaneous orgasm moment. Wishful thinking. In these situations, it always helps to have some backup before you find yourself locked into this situation. No, I’m not talking about bringing your neighbor Keith in for some action—unless you’re into that. I’m talking about God’s greatest invention—the sex toy. Think of it like this: Your mouth is generally working hard during a 69, but your hands are roaming free. Have a few small sex toys—like a bullet vibrator or a butt plug—under your pillow and whip them out at an opportune moment to give you a helping help and relieve the load.


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