Clamping Koala: New Norway Sex Guide Causes A Stir
Sex|Jun 22, 2021

Clamping Koala: New Norway Sex Guide Causes A Stir

Not Every Is Happy With This New Sex Guide From Norwegian Broadcaster NRK.
Amie Wee

A photographic sex guide released by Norwegian public television has caused a stir from outraged viewers, receiving almost 100 complaints in its first few days of release.

Public broadcaster NRK created Sexguiden with the intention to show a more realistic and diverse picture of sex, but not everyone is happy.

The guide consists of around 60 different sex positions, featuring imaginative names such as Wheel of Fortune, Silkworm, Flamingo, Lying Tiger, Trotting Rider, The Speed Dump and for those who want to spend some koala-tea time with their lover, the curiously named, Clamping Koala.

Laid out alongside black and white photographs on NRK’s website, and the guide features real-life heterosexual and same-sex couples simulating each of the 60 positions.

The Clamping Koala .

The Clamping Koala position.

The guide is divided into different sections, including suggestions of positions that are suitable for pregnant women, positions that prioritise eye contact, gender-specific positions for heterosexual and same-sex sex positions, as well as positions that are comfortable for people with back pain or sore knees.

According to the broadcaster, the guide was pieced together with the advice of sexologists, doctors, therapists and midwives.

Despite being simulated and not explicit in the slightest, NRK has reportedly received close to 100 complaints from people offended by the images since the guide’s release, once again proving that some people are offended by absolutely everything.