Hokusai Dreaming Sculpture by Artist Colin Burn
Art|Jun 30, 2021

Hokusai Dreaming Sculpture by Artist Colin Burn

Australian Artist Colin Burn Has Released A New Sculpture Inspired By Japanese Tentacle Erotica.
Penthouse Staff

Australian artist Colin Burn creates sexy, high-end sculptures that incite conversation and challenge accepted traditions and values within society. He also likes to observe and bring focus to subjects that are often hidden in plain sight.

His latest fine art sculpture, Hokusai Dreaming, is an octopus and coral dildo sculpture electroformed in pure 999 silver, inspired by Japanese tenacle erotica.

Burn says his influence came from Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai through his inspirational Shunga print titled ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife - 1814’ depicting two octopuses making love to a Japanese ama diver.


According to a popular Japanese story, Princess Tamatori (the original ama diver) would help her husband steal back a priceless pearl. Tamatori dives down to Ryūjin's undersea palace of Ryūgū-jō, and is pursued by the sea dragon god and his army of sea creatures, including octopuses. She cuts open her breast to place the pearl in for safekeeping; the resulting blood loss clouded the water and aided her in escape. She died from the resulting wound but is revered for her selfless act of sacrifice for her husband Fuhito and their son. The Octopuses are among the Sea Dragons protectors and the sexual liaison with the ama diver in Hokusai’s work was interpreted in Edo times as consensual, however it was often depicted differently by western art collectors.

Having spent a great deal of time in Japan, I was fascinated by the concept and how popular it is within Japanese sexual fantasy“Having spent a great deal of time in Japan, I was fascinated by the concept and how popular it is within Japanese sexual fantasy.  I wanted to create a dildo sculpture that would capture the cultural value of this famous print and its alluring popularity,” Burn says.

“My concept was to create elements within my sculpture directly reflective of Hokusai’s work.  The large octopus in Hokusai’s print is represented at the head of the sculpture, the coral shaft represents the fossilized remains of the ama diver and the pearls are her catch.  The tip represents the small octopus while the diamond eyes in the large octopus represent the jewels of the feared Sea Dragon."


Each Hokusai Dreaming sculpture costs $1599 a piece and is complimented with a solid metallic finish acrylic art pedestal 7” x 5” by the award-winning fine artist photographer Aaron McPolin and a plush black velvet box.

Hokusai Dreaming is available here. Use the code PENTHOUSE upon checkout to receive a free Treasure The Erotic Limited Edition (500 only) hard cover art book valued at $390.