How to Make Bank On OnlyFans, According To Creators
Sex|Feb 21, 2021

How to Make Bank On OnlyFans, According To Creators

Five Australian OnlyFans Creators Give Us Their Best Advice For Making Your Own Porn At Home.
Amie Wee

As the pandemic drags on, more and more people are flocking to OnlyFans as an extra source of income. As a result, OnlyFans is experiencing a massive growth, having nearly doubled to 700,000 content creators in the past six months.

Penthouse spoke to five Australian OnlyFans creators about what it takes to run a successful OnlyFans account.


Anastasia Marshall

“Do what gets YOU off and I guarantee that will be contagious.”


How long have you been on OnlyFans?

Two and a half years.

What type of content do you produce?

Despite my girl-next-door looks, I produce mostly solo XXX content with my plethora of toys (40 plus!) and a fucking machine, specialising in anal, squirting and large toys. From time to time I collaborate with another content creator to make something special for my fans.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting an OnlyFans?

Don't over invest in equipment early on. A ring light, Bluetooth camera remote and small tripod go a long way for under $100. I have always found that genuinely having fun on camera makes for content that is so much hotter and entertaining. Do what gets YOU off and I guarantee that will be contagious. 

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Mistress Arabella

“Find your niche!”


How long have you been on OnlyFans?

I began using OnlyFans in August 2017.

What type of content do you produce?

BDSM, fetish, kink, couple play and exhibitionism.

What are you tips for someone wanting to start or grow their OnlyFans?

Whether it’s JOI, foot fetish, butt worship or roleplay – finding your unique difference and focusing on that will serve you tremendously.

Lighting is so important. Lighting can turn an amateur looking video into one that exudes professionalism. Investing in a ring light and a couple of light boxes will give you major return.

The most successful content creators are the ones who show their face and talk to the camera. It allows your audience to connect with you on a personal level, which is what you want if you're expecting people to resubscribe. If you're not showing you're face, it helps if you create content that is extreme and original.

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Hope Morgan

“It’s about quality over quantity.”


How long have you been on OnlyFans?

Just over a year.

What type of content do you produce?

Mostly my content is solo, but I also have done male/female and girl on girl. I post both videos and photos having variety keeps the fans happy. 

What’s your advice for someone wanting to start or grow their OnlyFans?

Based on my personal experience, here are some tips I’ve learned over the past year to ensure you not only attract, but also retain your fans.

I always make sure I’m thinking about how to engage my fans by making sure I give them the content they want. While I do post daily, I think it’s really about quality over quantity. I also go live with subscribers and make pay-per-view content (including custom request videos) which I sell to fans. Always chat with your subscribers; engaging with your followers is a good way to show that you care about them. Engaged fans are the ones that will continue paying your monthly membership.

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Lacey Diamond

“My advice would be to stay consistent!”


How long have you been on OnlyFans?

I created my OnlyFans account in 2016 and really started to focus on it in 2017.

What type of content do you produce?

I currently create solo, boy/girl and girl-on-girl content at the moment, but I’m wanting to explore threesomes, boy/boy/girl and girl/girl/boy, as well as group scenes, more anal videos and double penetration…

What are your tips for producing your own sexy content?

My advice would be to stay consistent with producing high quality sexy content. Set a schedule of days you want to shoot, invest in good lighting and promote yourself as much as possible on a variety of different social media platforms. You’ve got to work hard! Success doesn't happen overnight.

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Avalon Fey

“If you’re not having fun, it can be very difficult to create content”


How long have you been on OnlyFans?

I’ve been on OnlyFans since 2017. I was actively encouraged to try it by Brandy Aniston when she was a featured guest at Sexpo and was lucky to be given a tutorial of the site back when it was new.  

What type of content do you produce?

Solo, girlfriend experience, fantasy, cosplay/mermaid, stripteases, nude baking, nude in nature and public flashes.

What’s been the biggest learning curve since joining OnlyFans?

It’s so easy to fall into a niche, or just get comfortable with a particular routine and before too long, life can feel repetitive and stagnant. If you’re not having fun, it can be very difficult to create content. You don’t have to be wild and do crazy things, but I found that continuously learning to try and improve the quality of my content also inspired new concepts, plans and even storylines that I might not have otherwise considered. A video on how to create fantasy elements in Photoshop could breathe new life into a photoset, and a tutorial on some fun editing tricks can inspire a creative new concept for a video. This inspiration and burst of creativity in turn fuels passion, making it easier to keep on learning and creating new content. YouTube is an incredible resource for teaching and inspiring, whether it’s editing hacks, makeup tutorials, model posing advice or just fun new memes that you can turn into porn.

What advice would you give to someone starting an OnlyFans?

Don’t be afraid to shoot outside. Australia is blessed with many empty natural spaces where it’s safe to undress and get naughty without being noticed by other people – just remember the mozzie repellent. Where I am in Brisbane, I can travel to a secluded beach and shoot naked content showcasing the beauty of our tropical paradise, or I can head to the wetlands or bush, and hike naked as a kookaburra laughs nearby and a herd of kangaroos graze in the clearly visible background. Coupled with almost year-round warm weather, we can always go outside to shoot something new that adds an element of beauty and excitement to many viewers who may never have the chance to visit the Land Down Under and experience our wild beauty for themselves. No matter how vanilla or explicit your content, changing the environment can be enough to help you to stand out and keep you motivated.

Oh, and don’t wear panties under your dress or skirt. With smartphones, almost anywhere can be a potential shoot location for a cheeky flash, especially if you know how to angle your camera without risking getting caught.

How do you find the balance between creating the content you want to create and creating the content your subscribers want?

Although it’s important to consider your subscribers, it’s just as important to be true to yourself and remember that your long-term supporters like you for you, in all of your unique, quirky and human realness. You don’t have to be a perfect sexy Barbie doll performing for an audience and can giggle, jiggle, laugh, make mistakes and just have fun with the content you produce.

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Ameilia Who

“If you create a space that makes you feel good you will look good.


How long have you been on OnlyFans?

A little over a year now.

What type of content do you create?

Solo videos, photos and on occasion, boy/girl videos.

What’s your biggest tip for producing your own content?

The biggest advice I can give anyone looking to create their own sexy content, is to think about the background space you’re going to shoot in. I see so many shoots done with really messy spaces. Create a scene! I use table cloths stuck up on my walls as backdrops for photos or I make sure my bed is made up nicely with cushions and art or fairy lights behind me. If you create a space that makes you feel good, you will look good. And another big tip, get a light – even just a cheap ring light will do wonders for your content! 

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