Interview: AAIA Ambassadors Aubrey Black And Jaxson Wolfe
Sex|May 24, 2022

Interview: AAIA Ambassadors Aubrey Black And Jaxson Wolfe

Party With Your Favourite Porn Performers at the 22nd Annual Australian Adult Industry Awards in Sydney On 26 May.
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This week, Australia’s adult superstars and their fans will come together to celebrate the highly anticipated 22nd annual Australian Adult Industry Awards (AAIA) at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney. And for the first time ever, the general public are invited.

Penthouse spoke to AAIA ambassadors, porn performers and real life couple - Aubrey Black and Jaxson Wolfe - about their European porn adventures, how the pandemic brought them together, how the Australian porn industry stacks up against the rest of the world, and what to expect from the upcoming Australian Adult Industry Awards.


Hi Aubrey and Jaxson. How's Budapest?

Aubrey: Budapest is actually an amazing country! It’s one of our favourites in Europe so far. I have been here many times over the years but it’s awesome being here with Jax. 


What did you get up to during the pandemic?

Aubrey: I personally have been travelling full time for work since 2010. I always wanted a legit partner that I could trust, work & travel with! Share the experiences and adventures with. I have that with Jax.  And while the pandemic was pure shit in almost every way. That is how our relationship started and the travel and filming together began. To be honest, I don't think we would be where we are today if COVID had not happened.

We have travelled almost all of Australia and New Zealand together throughout the pandemic. Dodging border closures the best we could and filming our own content full time for the first 20 months. We actually went on the road with my truck and a caravan for 4 months! We were very lucky companies commissioned work from us together while in lockdown in AU. We shot two Brazzers scenes while in lockdown. The rest was self-produced content.


Sinfulxxx: A 3 Part Story feat. Aubrey Black, Jaxson Wolfe & Brittany Bardot.

Sinfulxxx: A 3 Part Story feat. Aubrey Black, Jaxson Wolfe & Brittany Bardot.


Where have your travels taken you?

Aubrey: So far we have covered AU, NZ,USA, Cancun & Tulum, which was incredible! Europe really is great for filming! But everything being so close we plan to visit multiple countries and film a variety of our own content, including a reality travel vlog and have been asked to start a podcast, which is all in the makings now.

We have London coming up! And a huge list of other countries on our agenda! It’s exhausting at times but also very exciting and never a dull moment! 


Have you taken much time off?

Aubrey: We don't really take any days off for ourselves, everything is looked at as content opportunities. We try our best to incorporate fun with work as best we can. This has led to some incredible experiences and once in a lifetime opportunities together. Such as spending weeks on islands with friends met along the way, bungee jumping in Cairns, Great Barrier Reef Dives, exploring the real Dracula's prison, various wonders of the world and much more.


Who have you shot for while you've been in Europe?

Aubrey: I have shot a lot of firsts on this trip to Europe. Some of these things are going to be a once of or a rare treat for fans. I am still sticking to my glamour MILF brand. But have shot a lot of hardcore scenes recently.

Normal boy/girl scenes, some girl/girl scenes, VR (virtual reality), wrestling girl/girl and mixed. Food fetish. Lots and lots of anal! Seriously I was terrified with what I had agreed to do initially. I thought, ‘Can I do this? My booty hole is not as elastic as some girls! It takes me literally hours and hours of prepping and stretching.’ I’ve done lots of DP, DAP and gangbangs. Please say a prayer for my asshole, because I think it needs it!

Again, I am not going to do too much of this hardcore stuff as, you give an inch, fans then want a mile. Demanding and begging for more! Next minute they will want 20 dicks in every hole they can find. Probably even my ears, eyes and belly button if they could!


How did you both get started in the porn industry?

Aubrey: I was behind the camera for 20 years and had a strong business background. I was always nagged to do it. I ended up looking into it further and how to be successful in the adult industry. After several months of research and planning, I decided to take the next step! I was always accused of doing it anyway, so what the fuck! Might as well. And that was that! BOOM! 

Jaxson:  I was working three regular jobs when I first started dabbling in male escorting. I wasn't too worried about being seen as I had been coaxed into stripping and modelling in my younger years so being in front of a camera wasn’t a problem for me. 

It was through this line of work that I was introduced to Aubrey. We hit it off immediately! She invited me to stay with her for a weekend in the Gold Coast. During that weekend, border closures began. With COVID closing down bars, events and airports and locking us down together, I realized my three lines of work had all gone tits up and I lost all ability to make money in one go. That's when Aubrey introduced me to filming porn on a professional level. It took some time getting used to having sex in front of a camera, as it really is not something you can be professional at overnight.

I was developing new technical skill sets and a love and knack for the production of porn alongside shooting it. With the time we had in lockdown, I was able to learn so much and now have the ability to create our own masterpieces through various film styles and editing to produce amazing content/scenes. Combining Aubrey’s skills and knowledge and my thirst for excelling, we have now produced close to or more than 100 scenes together with each other and other performers.


Virtual Taboo feat. Isabelle Deltore & Aubrey Black

Virtual Taboo feat. Isabelle Deltore & Aubrey Black


Any plans to shoot while you’re in Australia for Australian Adult Industry Awards?

Aubrey: When in Australia we only really shoot with each other. Or solos. 

There are a couple of other legit pornstars that we would definitely work with in Australia but Covid prevented the ability to meet up with them. Although recently, Isabelle Deltore was in Europe at the same time as us, and we finally got to shoot together. There are definitely more plans in the pipeline as we discovered we work really well together! We are seriously bad ass at creating dialogue on the spot. Our Aussie banter, shit talk and slut talk is next level! 

Given the opportunity for the world to get a sense of normality back and the ability to travel we would love to explore the possibilities of working with more established Australian stars in the near future and enjoy helping/mentoring aspiring creators who are looking to succeed in this industry.


How are you feeling about returning for the upcoming Australian Adult Industry Awards as ambassadors?

Aubrey: I was always a huge supporter of the AAIA from the beginning of my career. 

Maxine Fensom has always done her absolute best to put on the best events to show appreciation and recognition to the adult industry as a collective group. She has decades of experience and is still pushing forward.

We try in every way we can to give support and promotion to the AAIA and all those who are in the industry. There are so many people who work so hard and are deserving of recognition and/or receiving accolades/awards for their efforts within the industry. We are excited and proud to be a part of this and to support all of those who are involved, participating and nominated.


What Australian Adult Industry Awards have you won in the past?

Aubrey: 2015: Alpha Girl, Best PSE Provider, Best Touring Escort. 2016: MILF of the Year, Best Over-all Escort Sole Operator, Best Touring Escort, Hall Of Fame, Best Adult Website. 2017: MILF Of the Year, Best Touring Escort.  


Wow! Are either of you up for any awards this year?

Aubrey: Yes! Both of us are nominated. I’m nominated for Alpha Female, Industry Leader, Best Female Pornstar, Best Fetish and Fantasy Provider, Best Girlfriend Experience, Best Female Escort, Best XXX Showgirl, Best MILF and Hall of Fame.

Jaxson: Best Male Newcomer Pornstar! 


You both shoot porn all around the world. What's the Australian porn landscape like compared to overseas?

Aubrey: Honestly? Limited.

Firstly, there are many stunning, sexy, gorgeous people that absolutely have what it takes to be in the big time porn industry. In fact, Australian talent is highly sought after. But, you cannot call yourself a pornstar if you film in a country where it is illegal to shoot porn with the exception of one state! And we all know, no one shoots in Canberra!

You need to know, understand and practice the laws and protocols that come with being professional talent! What is and is not allowed in the films you create. You need to have shot, been recognised and received nominations or accolades of some type at a recognised industry body, to say you are a porn ‘STAR’! Otherwise, you are a content creator or porn creator/performer.

People in Australia have a lot to offer! If they could step outside gossip and cliquey groups. Be willing to learn and be a part of an industry that embraces success for all, knowing there is plenty to go around for everyone! 

Jaxson: If given the opportunity to branch out and learn what it takes to be a successful member in this industry, Australians could definitely exceed. I was thrown into the deep end of it all with absolutely zero knowledge of how it all worked until I was already in it. It is definitely not common knowledge. To have been given the opportunity to meet/interact/stay with professional performers/directors/producers around the world I can honestly say that with proper education of the industry's inner workings, we could have a very successful group of performers coming out of Australia for the world to see. 

Steps taken to achieve this would also include hygiene and safe sex practices such as using lubricants and learning positions and styles to not injure other performers, regular testing to maintain a safe and healthy industry and using correct documentation and contracts to ensure the safety of everyone involved in porn production.


Darkroomvr feat. Aubrey Black

Darkroomvr feat. Aubrey Black


What's your go-to porn category to watch?

Aubrey: I rarely watch it as I live it! Also, Masturbation is rare to never for me. I find it desensitises me to the real thing. When I fuck Jax or perform, I want it to be real! I don't want to have to find a toy, or rub one out myself. Or just have a pure dead pussy unless I’m beating it with a jack hammer toy! On rare occasions, like most basic chicks, homemade pussy eating! Or best of all, videos Jax and I have made of him chowing down on me is the best!

Jaxson: This is a good question. I used to enjoy watching it like every man does but as I get further into the industry and experience more, I notice that I'm picking up on a lot more than I ever did in the past. Also, seeing your friends on the websites can definitely change your perspective. But ever since I have met Aubrey, as we are both very sexual people and her having such an ability to transform into any character she would need to, I can honestly say I have not had a need to watch porn at all since we met. If I were to pick what I enjoy seeing the most then I would have to say it comes down to scenes that have great story lines and humour included. We take pride in the content we create and love to incorporate our own jokes and humour to make not just sexy and erotic but overall very entertaining scenes.

The Australian Adult Industry Awards are happening on Thursday 26 May at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney. Grab your tickets to the awards and the afterparty here.


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