Meet The Dominatrices Behind Domina Parties Australia
Sex|Jan 28, 2020

Meet The Dominatrices Behind Domina Parties Australia

Domina Parties Provides An Opportunity To Experience Something New In A Safe Environment.
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From clubs and workshops to public parties and private one-on-one sessions with professional Mistresses - Australia has a thriving kink scene. There's a lot going on. But if you're not in the know and you don't know your 'safe word' from your 'service submissive', dipping your toe into this seemingly secret underground community can be intimidating. Domina Parties Australia has filled the void between public BDSM parties and professional sessions, by creating uniquely themed multi-mistress, multi-slave BDSM parties for players off all levels to safely explore high quality play in a discrete, judgement-free zone with professional lifestyle Dominas. We spoke to to Head Mistress Penelope Dreadful about what goes down at Domina Parties Australia and how you can get involved.

What inspired you to launch Domina Parties Australia?

My soul-sister and Aussie expat Goddess Cleo created Domina Parties in London, UK. When I was visiting in 2015, She suggested I bring them out to Australia. We started in Sydney and grew from there! For Me, Domina Parties provides an opportunity to play alongside some of My amazing and talented peers, bringing independent and house Dominas together in a delightful mix of creativity and perversion!

Founder of Domina Parties Australia - Mistress Penelope Dreadful

Founder of Domina Parties Australia - Mistress Penelope Dreadful

Are the parties centred around specific kinks and fetishes, or are they more broad?

We have eight party themes, each exploring different parts of fetish and BDSM. They are:

Adoration - is the Foot Fetish party to end them all. Trampling, toe-sucking; boot worship, ball-busting; shiny stilettos and smelly sweaty sneakers! I am a massive foot fetishist and this is one of My favourite events to request for My birthday.

Bound To Please - Dedicated to exploring all things bondage, Bound To Please is a great party for those curious about sensuality in restraint. Mummification, sensory deprivation, hoods, cuffs, collars, cages, Shibari, and suspension are things that you can expect to experience at a party.

CFNS Tea Party (Clothed FemDom Naked Slave) - is one of our Flagship events. The structured play format is designed to encourage you to explore your favourite fetishes and interests, playing with different Dominas in a range of styles and techniques. It’s a “choose your own adventure” of kinky play!

Obey! - If you have ever fantasised about being at the mercy of a room of powerful women, Obey! is the party you’ve been craving. A completely Dominas’ Choice event – it is all about meeting the desires of the Dominas. We respect boundaries, but we also expect you to push yourself out of your comfort zones to amuse and satisfy us.

Slave Manor - A high-protocol power exchange event like no other, Slave Manor uses role-play to introduce you to the fun of power dynamics. There are different flavours for Slave Manor – from schoolyard to black-tie to gladiator arena to black magic sacrifice. The creativity of the Dominas will leave you craving more.

Sissy Salon - Pucker your lips and clutch your pearls for the most fun you are going to have with forced feminisation. The Dominas will dress you up, make you up, and turn you into our pretty little dolly to play with. Bring out your hidden alter ego and celebrate the sassy, the slutty or the damsel within.

Slick - Do you lust after all things shiny, glossy, gummi and Slick? This is a latex fetishist event of delicious debauchery. Supple, smooth, slippery lube, polishing Mistress’s latex-clad body without using your hands. The smell, the taste, the sensation of latex and rubber is best celebrated with other fetishists.

Strap-on & Forced Bi - Exactly as is says on the label, the Strap-on & Forced Bi party will invade your orifices and make you
a delightful meat puppet. Whether you are curious about strap-on play, new to anal play, desperate for a double-fisting, or desiring a discreet bisexual encounter, your desires will be encouraged and explored in a safe atmosphere.

"I recently encouraged a wife to shock her husband with a motion-activated electro unit while he was serving her."

What is the format of a Domina Party?

Each event starts with an introduction and some housekeeping to lay the groundwork and establish expectations. Then play commences. We switch between Dominas, activities and victims – attendees! – regularly throughout the event so that everyone has the opportunity to try different experiences.

Does an attendee have to be experienced in BDSM to come to Domina Parties?

Not at all. Our events are a safe place for curious newcomers to explore kink – attendees have the opportunity to join us as a participant, a service submissive to the Dominas, or as a voyeur. We particularly love couples that are exploring together to come and join us.

Are Domina Parties suitable for total BDSM newbies?

I would recommend attending CFNS Tea Parties as a great starting point for people curious about exploring submission and kink. We also have had many attendees come in as voyeurs and upgrade their tickets to participants at our events.

Mistress Lauretta from Domina Parties Australia

Mistress Lauretta from Domina Parties Australia

What are some of your fondest sights/memories from a Domina Party?

Where to start? I recently enjoyed an eight-handed massage from blindfolded submissives at Obey! on the Gold Coast. I have executed an Eiffel Tower (spitroast), Harbour Bridge (spitroast with two in the middle), and a Golden Gate Bridge (spitroast with THREE in the middle) at different Strap-on parties. I turned one attendee into a gorgeous candelabra centrepiece at a Slave Manor, and encouraged a wife to shock her husband with a motion-activated electro unit while he was serving her.

Curious? Read more about Domina Parties Australia and get tickets here